Social Marketing Budgets To Double Over The Next 5 Years

Captivating Marketing Strategist

In 2014, marketing teams will spend $135 billion dollars on new digital marketing collateral. Internet advertising will make nearly 25% of the entire ad market by 2015. Social marketing budgets will double over the next 5 years. This new infographic by WebDAM  reveals 20 marketing statistics that you should use to direct your future marketing […]

Who Are The “Big Three” Of Social Media Referral Traffic?

Social Media Referrals

(Click on the image to enlarge the view) According to Shareaholic’s “Social Media Traffic Report,” during the 13 months of the study, Facebook accounted for an average of 8.11 percent of social media traffic referrals, followed by Pinterest with 3.24 percent and Twitter with 1.17 percent. These three social media power players collectively accounted for […]

How To Use Google+ Auto Awesome For Movies And Photos

Google Thumb

Google has  announced a slew of new features for Google+ Hangouts and Photos,  Auto Awesome Movies, and other tools aimed at making photos and videos even easier for its 300 million “in-stream” users . Auto Awesome will help you combined your photos into short animations, wide panoramas, or merged into group shots where everyone looks […]

B2B Marketers Engage Heavily With Content: Leadtail


Despite all the technology available, it is not easy to reach, engage, and influence B2B marketers. “How B2B Marketers Engage on Twitter“, a special report prepared by Leadtail aims to provide social media insights into the patterns and behaviors of B2B marketing decision makers. Using Leadtail’s Social Insights technology to analyze data from Twitter, this […]

Facebook Announces New Features For Mobile Apps

Facebook Mobile Ads

On October 2, Facebook announced new features for mobile app ads that can help businesses drive engagement and conversions within their apps. New features to mobile app ads are designed to help businesses reach people that have already downloaded their apps and direct them back into specific features, content or products within the app. Businesses […]

Mobile Advertising Trends

Mobile advertisement

After several false starts, mobile advertising has now truly taken off and is forecast to account for 37% of all growth in global ad expenditure this year, and 31% in 2014, according to a recent report by ZenithOptimedia. Mobile advertising (defined in the report as internet ads delivered to smartphones and tablets, whatever their format) […]

Mobile Advertisement: Potential And Challenges

Mobile Advertising

In 2012, $10 billion in sales were made through mobile channels. That’s expected to rise to $30 billion by 2016. In addition, 55 percent of smartphone owners use their smart phones to research purchases. Despite the popularity of apps, brands spend more than ten times as much on paid search advertising as they spend on […]

How Content Marketing Is Competing With Traditional Marketing: Infographic

Content Marketing

Marketo has posted a new infographic that shows how content marketing is competing with traditional marketing these days. Why should companies use content marketing? Risk mitigation, lead generation and lead scoring are some of the benefits of content marketing that the survey identifies. How are companies using content marketing? Some of the most popular ways, […]

Which Demographics Use Social Media?


The Pew Research Centre has released the results of a comprehensive social media survey, conducted over several years to evaluate which demographics were using social media, and on which platforms. Which social networking sites emerged on top? Of the online adults surveyed at the end of 2012: 67% use Facebook 20% use LinkedIn 16% use […]

Field Trip Arrives On Google Glass


Field Trip’s Glassware app delivers location-based information about neighborhoods, cities and countries based on your interests. The app is  available on Android and iOS for some time. Now, this app has arrived on Google Glass. Niantic Labs, a startup operating within Google, has developed the app.When you’re near something interesting, it pops up a card […]