The “Koohooo!!” Project: Nestles and Nurtures Creative Sparks in Kids.

The Koohooo!! Project

A couple of days back, an idea popped into my head, what we call “Eureka Moment”, glamorously. I was basking in self-appreciation about the novelty of the idea. I sat with my team to have brainstorming on this mythical “Eureka Moment”. We discussed, and discussed a lot, and everybody sounded very confident about the Koohooo!! […]

Next Generation Of Funding For Entrepreneurs

Crowd Funding

It seems start ups and traditional financial institutions are moving in opposite directions. Start ups have got game changing ideas, they are hungry for credit. But banks and other financial institutions have never been stricter with their financing parameters. Frustrated by the traditional financial institutions’ policy of using unworkable metrics, which are often hostile to […]

B-schools Get The Basics Wrong When Trying To Teach Entrepreneurship


“Today, it is all about starting small and experimenting. Business plans get outdated rapidly and market research is no substitute for prototype and user testing. The focus on venture capital is also misguided. VCs rarely fund infant startups—it is angel investors, friends and family who provide the outside seed funding. So even when trying to […]

Venture Capitalists Vs Venture Assistants


“Good entrepreneurship is like having a delicate recipe cooked by an expert chef with ingredients added in the right amounts at the right time. The recipe for startup success is tough to intuit on your own without the help of good advisors. Those advisors don’t make decisions for management. Their only role is to assist […]

Startups Need “Killer Instinct”, Not “Killing It”


Popular culture continues to glamorize startups, often overlooking the harsh reality that 90 percent of them fail. There is so much fiction around start-ups, with successful one being celebrated, while losers get written off easily. Emotional travails of deciding what to build, how to build it, who to build it with, when, where, why, with […]

Entrepreneur Speaks: Phil Libin,CEO,Evernote


“Entrepreneur Speaks” tells you about the spirit of entrepreneurship.  It lets you peep into the life of  an entrepreneur that helps you understand how an entrepreneur takes the prospect of failure head-on and have the determination to come out on top. Let’s meet Phil Libin the CEO of Evernote. He is an entrepreneur and executive […]