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10 Things You Need to Know Befor Buying Apple iPad

So, the Apple iPad has finally been launched in India on January 28, 2011, nearly 10 months after it launched in the United States. The price in India of the basic model — 16 GB of memory + Wi-Fi — is Rs.27, 900 and ranges up to Rs. 44,990 rupees.

iPad has earned the title of the fastest selling gadget ever. In less than a year of its launch, it has sold nearly 15 million units, earning close to $10 billion in revenue. The iPad launch was announced in the US exactly a year ago (January 27, 2010), though it only went on sale in April 2011. Since then, the iPad has single-handedly reinvented the tablet market.

But the iPad 2 is reported to be out in a couple of months, and is rumored to have dual cameras, a higher resolution ‘retina’ display and a faster processor. So, will you go for it or wait for iPad2?

There could be lot many queries and curiosities about the iPad, WITS Zen pooled together a whole lot of useful information right from iPad features, reviews, tablet market trends, products in tablet market.

Apple iPad First Impression

Apple CEO Steve Jobs positioned the iPad as belonging to a new category of device between the smartphone and the laptop. It uses the iPhone’s basic user interface and physical design. But, taking advantage of a 9.7″ screen and a fast Apple-designed processor, the iPad adds some user interface elements and functionality that aren’t available–or at least typical–on smart phones. Know more about the iPad  impression

Apple iPad Features

If you want to know more about its features, large Multi-Touch screen,  how iPad will work with all the popular email providers, including MobileMe, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL, sharing of photos and videos, and whole lot of iPad apps, you can find all these features hear.


If you’ve been wondering why all the fuss over a tablet, check out a list of what the featured tech columnists and reviewers said about the iPad:

Endgadget: The name iPad is a killing word — more than a product — it’s a statement, an idea, and potentially a prime mover in the world of consumer electronics.

cnet :The Apple iPad is the first affordable tablet computer worth owning, but it won’t (yet) replace your laptop.

Geek: If you’ve been wondering why all the fuss over a tablet, why not save yourself some time and check out Geek’s laundry list of what the featured tech columnists and reviewers had to say about it?

ExtremeTech: The ridiculous hype is finally over and Steve Jobs has given birth to yet another neat consumer device. Coverage of the iPad has been everywhere and Apple fans are swooning and waiting to whip out their credit cards to buy one.

Apple iPad Apps

Must Have! 10 New iPad-Only Apps: Developers have been busy for months retooling their iPhone apps to make a second debut on the iPad. Some apps are little more than HD versions of the same game, crisper graphics that must be re-purchased for twice the price.

More about iPad Apps: There has been an explosion of iPad Apps , which are mostly free and incorporate new ways of navigating one of the largest screens on a mobile device that relies solely on touch technology. Know more about the free iPad apps.

Apple iPad Q& A

The Answers to Your Questions About the iPad

Second-Edition iPad–Worth the Wait? If you would like to wait for the iPad 2 launch, while skipping the launched version. Do go through Q& A.

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