2020 Has Not Been All That Bad For These 15 Dads

“I invited my dad to a wedding dress event where all dresses are $150. The event starts at 7am but lines can form at 4am. My Dad just called me and said he brought a chair and is the first person outside the building already waiting.” For these 15 dads, 2020 has not been all that bad.

1. The lamp dad:

The lamp dad:

Image Source : reddit.com


2. The mayoral dad:


3. The gift-giving dad:

The gift-giving dad:

Image Source : reddit.com


4.  The virtual reality dad:


5. The take-no-chances dad:

The take-no-chances dad:


6. The Alexa dad:


7. The design genius dad:

The design genius dad:

Image Source : reddit.com


8. The explainer dad:



9. The voice-to-text dad:

The voice-to-text dad:

Image Source : reddit.com


10. The glowing dad:


11. The social butterfly dad:

The social butterfly dad:

Image Source : reddit.com


12. The wedding dad:


13. The bee dad:

The bee dad:


14. The pun king dad:

The pun king dad:


15. This dad who just doesn’t understand group texts.

This dad who just doesn't understand group texts.

Image Source : pinterest.com


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