7 Tips for Improving Content Marketing

Use psychological principles to make content marketing more effective you know why choosing content marketing and you have integrated its benefits. You know that content marketing sets up the right context for the sale. The marketing content is determined according to known principles that move prospects to purchase. But then what are these principles and how to apply them to improve its content marketing?

The book “Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion” by Professor Robert Cialdini described six principles of persuasion in 1983. These principles are still relevant and can apply wonderfully to content marketing. This is not about giving tips to manipulate your prospects because these methods never work in the long run and make you risk your image and your seriousness.

We will draw a parallel between the principles of Professor Robert Cialdini and inbound marketing. You will see that these principles explain why inbound marketing is, and always will be, a powerful method for setting up an environment conducive to sales.

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1. Reciprocity

Content marketing holds its specificity in value sharing before any commercial relationship. By creating valuable content, the reader will recognize some form of gratitude. The more your content will bring answers, the stronger will be the gratitude (it is not a question of doing free of charge, you have a business to run). The idea is to improve the life of your audience by sharing your best analysis and advice. Your goodwill will pay.

By creating a link with your audience and being consistent in the quality of the content, the phenomenon of reciprocity (gratitude and counter-gift) will operate and your audience will choose you.

To improve its content marketing and reciprocity, you need to create a strong value. Determine the expectation of your target and the role of the content.

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2. Commitment and Coherence

A profitable content-driven SEO and web marketing strategy is an example of commitment and consistency. As an individual, I do not like not keeping my promises. It makes me feel bad and hurts my image. By publishing regularly, you prove that you can keep your promises.

With your consistency, your readers will begin to show commitment and consistency in the relationship they will have with your content. Little by little, they will go towards you by subscribing to your newsletter, by sharing an article or an infographic for example. Then, they will eventually contact you.

3. The Authority

A web marketing content strategy is the most effective way to establish your authority in a market. The main reason is that you are looking to solve the problems or opportunities of your target. You will share more educational content than blah about yourself.

Let your competitors look at themselves in the mirror and help your target to be proud of her in front of her own mirror. Become a source of high-value content. Become a kind of teacher who shares his knowledge and knowledge with his audience.

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4. The bond of Affection

Success in business and to some extent in life is a kind of popularity contest. Who would you give your money to? A long-time friend in need or someone you do not know? A company you love where you hate?

A company that understands you cares about you and gives you good advice will always be chosen at the expense of a company you do not like or that leaves you indifferent. Until then, no need to have done the ENA to know that. But keep in mind that to improve your content marketing, you can use your content to create a bond of affection. In general, the more your audience is going to consume your content, the more they will become fond of your business. This is how you will succeed in elevating your business to media.

5. The scarcity

As a reminder, the more a good is rare, the more expensive it is, supply and demand balance and, so far normally everyone agrees (thank you for this clarification Jeremy, fortunately, you’re here to remember that ). In some cases, the more the good is expensive and therefore inevitably at least rare, the more it is desired. This is called the Veblen effect (you can fool it with the price elasticity in the comments).

The relationship between the Veblen effect and a content marketing strategy? Creating scarcity increases the perceived value. Limit the number of seats at a conference, print a small number of your white paper and win it in a quiz. Do not put replay and limit the number of places available for a special webinar etc. You understood.

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Be careful not to unnecessarily create scarcity, this could restrict your business opportunities. Second-panel “attention”: do not create false rarity, it shows and your seriousness will suffer.

6. Social proof

Aristotle had said that we were “political animals”. By politics we mean here social. The social animal likes to follow the crowd, reads what others read, looks at what others watch, etc.

Your most read article? The testimony that tells the story of your customer who had a big deal on your product and who eventually doubled its turnover? These are powerful social proofs. Social proof increases the credibility of a message and its virility.

7. The unit

The experience of unity is not simply a matter of similarities (It can work through the principle of affection but to a lesser extent). It’s about shared identities

Cialdini’s research shows once again how content marketing works so well. The content (here as stories – see storytelling) creates a sense of belonging that unites people. The more you can identify with the values ​​of a company, the more suggestible you will be. Make your audience want to be part of the adventure.

In summary, to improve its content marketing

The content marketing to support on psychological levers known. Your content must add value and integrate the different principles mentioned above to maximize its effectiveness.

Remember, a content-driven web marketing strategy does not lie. It may be one of the few strategies where the client does not feel manipulated but inspired and strong with new knowledge after each contact with what you create.

Content marketing is the best way to convince in a world where the internet and smartphones dominate our everyday lives. Through your content, your prospects can get to know you and start to trust you.

It’s nice for them and for you. Everyone is a winner and that’s why content marketing works.

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