What Is Beauty Guru Jeffree Star’s Net Worth In 2020?

She is a well known American makeup artist, musician, entrepreneur. She is also the founder of Jeffree star cosmetics. She is undoubtedly one of the most trending person on the internet and time and again she has collaborated with a number of musicians and singers.

As of 2020, Jeffree Star Net Worth is estimated to be around $75 million dollars. She was born on 15th November 1985 and when she was only six years old, her father committed suicide.

She was raised by her mother. She started experimenting with her mother’s makeup. She started her career with MySpace where she was focusing on her fashion and singing both.

She quickly build up her followers. Her singing career started in 2007 when she was part of the True Colors Tour wherein she travelled through 15 cities of US.

She released her debut studio album in 2009 by the name of “Beauty Killer”. In the very next year, she joined hands with Akon who described her as the “Next Lady Gaga”.

Since then she has worked with a number of other musicians like Millionaires, Blood on the Dance Floor, Deuce and Larry Tee. In 2014, she founded her cosmetics brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

This quickly became a worldwide sensation and her YouTube popularity also grew bigger.

Some Of The Major Highlights From Her Career Are –

  • MySpace blogging
  • True Colors Tour (2007)
  • LGBT Logo (2007)
  • Beauty Killer (Studio Album, 2009)
  • Lollipop Luxury (Song, 2009)
  • Signed to Akon (2010)
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics (2014)
  • 9 Million Subscribers on YouTube (2018)
  • 1 Billin Views on YouTube (2018)
  • Bustle Magazine

3 Lessons To Succeed In Life By Jeffree Star

  1. Lesson of Love – You must fall in love with someone without whom you cannot live your life.
  2. True Beauty – True beauty lies inside the bottles, jars, compacts, and lipsticks.
  3. Be Yourself – being yourself is truly the best thing in the world.

The lady is currently 32 years old but she has taken the glam world by storm. She is also a big YouTube star where her subscribers are 3.7 million. Jeffree Star Net Worth is estimated to be $75 million dollar by 2020.

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