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A Startup Is An Obsession

A Startup is an obsession.  Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something you love. There must be a self-inflicted unflagging optimism attached to it though looks blurry at the onset of your Startup.

It should be in your DNA.  It’s just in your mind, and being the architect, you are determined to make it a REALITY.

“Invention is the first occurrence of an idea for a new product or process, while innovation is the first attempt to carry it out into practice.”- Jan Fagerberg of Oslo University

A startup is never the easiest career path. You need to have a ‘Killer Instinct” to make your idea a reality happen, survive, and thrive.

There is no place for Inner Doubts. Believe me, most of your inner doubts and consequent powerlessness are completely self-induced.

“In times of peace, a warrior goes against himself.” (Nietzsche)

Having said that, a startup ought to know “living through failure“. Gain insight, make iterations, do the pivot, if required, and continue with your journey..

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