About Us

WITS Zen is an initiative to bring the Web. Internet. Technology and Social innovations and innovative news to global WITS enthusiasts, practitioners, prospective customers, business partners, and investors, eventually inspiring the inventing entrepreneurs into technology venturing and entrepreneurship.

More importantly, it provides Zeitgeist for Entrepreneurs and Netizens to add and share even a little bit of contribution, adding eventually value to the “Cognitive Surplus” by “designing its use by our participation and by the things we expect of one another”. (My heartfelt thanks to Clay Shirky)And, true to its meaning, WITS Zen leads to entrepreneurial wisdom in the attainment of successful entrepreneurship.

In the process, WITS Zen becomes an information hub for people going for technology venturing and entrepreneurship. Presently, WITS Zen doesn’t generate innovative ideas but works towards curating, echoing aggregating, analyzing, and reviewing innovations, creating insights in Web. Internet. Technology and Social Commerce/ Media industry.

WITS Zen keeps you abreast of news, views, reviews, articles in the domains of Web. Internet. Technology and Social Commerce/ Media industry. And, whatever acquisitions, tie-ups, start-ups, deals, happen, we provide all the updates to our readers. WITS Zen strives towards making this information hub to a communication platform from budding ones to successful entrepreneurs and business communities keeping pace with WITS.

More importantly, WITS Zen is committed to make this a platform for people aspiring to have their own independent set ups, making them financially independents, and leading them to the path of successful entrepreneurship.

The man behind emulating the concept of information hub is Praveen, Praveen Panjiar, a person (primarily a learner, who practices and works towards taking the learning curve southward, and eventually influences the community based on the learning acquired ) with varied experience right from IT services to business and finance to education . Primarily, a learner, started off as a practitioner in media, challenged his capabilities and delved into the field of IT services, encompassing content creation to marketing communication, online marketing, social media/social commerce, web strategy, to business development. Always a dreamer, never accepted failures in life, and longed for new challenges. Now, with this initiative, aspiring to make changes for the better in the lives of “never-let -die spirits”. And, finally, my indebtedness to IIFT, New Delhi, which by honing my skill helped me driving my dreams towards implementation and execution of some of my constantly flowing ideas.

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