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6 Best Alternatives To Free Project TV

Earlier there were many takers for Project free TV but suddenly on 24th July 2017 it ceased to exist. However, there were still a couple of reasonable alternatives to it and they kept the show going on.

It is being said that these alternatives have been created by the same company though there is no particular proof behind the same.

Why Was Project Free TV Closed?


The application is free however using the same is illegal and that is solely why so many people like to associate with them. Thanks to them some of the bog companies like Netflix; Hulu etc. lose out on their income.

Eventually legal action is taken and the owners of these applications realize that they need to shut down the present application and start a new one.

At times even Google de tanks a website and upon searching its new replacement never comes on top of the result. The website keeps on purchasing new domain names and new backlinks are added to the fresh domain names to avoid penalizing by Google.

Therefore people need to follow original Facebook, Twitter and other social handles to find out the latest additions to this category something they cannot do anymore on Facebook.

So What To Do Now ?

Generally piracy is not promoted however if you still want to look for Free Project TV you should try looking on other search engines. It would not be available on Google but other search engines have no problem with its presence.

In case you manage to find the website then you have to ensure that you are blocking the ads using an ad blocker extension. This is done so that any cookie information and other details are not being linked with any other third party websites.

Also you have to be careful to not share any of your financial information like credit cards with them so some websites may sell your data to the hackers.

Best Alternatives To Project Free TV

With technology everywhere people do not want to wait many days before they can see their favourite programs. However, if their programs are stopped in the middle they really do not like it.

It is for this reason that they look for other alternatives to project free TV and we are listing some of the best ones that are available here.

1. Series Free TV

This is a totally new website and your destination if you are a program freak too. There are no popups and ads that are going to disrupt your attention in this case. You can easily navigate around and find the best programs that are going to suit your mood and taste.

Since it is a new website so the chances of it closing down soon enough are less. Also the variety of programs and films is also huge and you can have some fun time while visiting the same.

2. Couch Tuner

couch-tuner - Project Free TV

This is one application which provides all top rated shows in 1080 p full HD making it a pleasure to watch them. If you are among the couch potato types then this website is your best option. You can find alternatives to this one too but so far this gives you good experience in hand.

Project free TV is an interesting concept for those who cannot do without watching any kind of TV online. You get a wide variety of stuff to look into and most websites keep updating their list every day to keep you up to date.

Pick up one amongst these websites if you love to live the life of your TV characters. However, remember that security of website is also crucial and do keep that in mind while making your choice.

3. The Watch Series

Well as the name suggests the watch series is all about TV shows. Here you can watch unlimited TV shows without any breaks in between. There are full episodes and that too with very smooth streaming.

They give you working links for your favourite shows and you can choose the ones that you would definitely be interested in. Moreover, your choice of shows need not be limited as the variety they offer is immense.

4. Project Free TV

Project free TV is another place where you can surf around for TV shows. Every single day the site gets updated and you get new episodes to the programs listed. It is a very popular website, probably because it is quite easy to use and move around with.

All the favourite shows are arranged alphabetically and you can easily locate your program in the list. The shows that have been entered have full episodes coming from various sources and their daily calendar shows the updates made.

5. My Project Free TV

This is the original Project free TV website and still uploads all your kind of online shows. It is also ad free and so you do not get disturbed by them and you get to watch shows continuously. You do not have to pay anything to watch this website and the disruptions are also comparatively lesser.

6. Go Project Free TV

Another excellent site in this category all the latest episodes are updated for you to choose from. You can also keep going back to the same problem as long as the internet connection is stable enough. Though the author of the website states that he is not responsible for any content shown so far the website has served its purpose well.

7. B Movies

bmovies - Project Free TV

On this application you get a huge variety of TV shows and that too in HD quality. Best part is that you need not register yourself on the website in order to utilise the benefits. You can download everything and watch the shows in case you have to be offline. The user interface is rather hood and it is easy for the users to navigate around without any issues.

However, it is important that download of this application is not done from any third party website. This is because by doing that you can invite any viruses or hackers to enter your computer as situation you would not want.


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