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10 Amazing Things You Must Do On Your Birthday

Is it your birthday month? Do you want to do something different from the same old parties you have every year? Worry no more, because here is a list of some fantastic ideas you can and must do on your special day. Take a month and do all or pick any number and have the best birthday ever. By the way, Happy Birthday!

1. Cut A Themed Cake

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Easy to make spider cake!

What’s a birthday without cake? From no cream cake to full cream, simple to fancy, cakes are available in all shapes and sizes. Trust me, it gets challenging to pick one, as they all look so yummy. You want them all.

This birthday, switch to personalized cakes if you haven’t already — a themed cake based on anything you like. You can even tell the baker a little bit about yourself like favorite flavors, dislikes, habits, etc., and they’ll customize the perfect cake for you. Nothing is better than your very personal birthday cake on your special day.

2. Buy Yourself Gifts

Receiving gifts from your parents, relatives, and friends is one of the most exciting things about birthdays. It’s more like a tradition. Earlier it was supposed to be a surprise as you had no clue what they’ll get you. Nowadays, they take you to the store and ask you to get anything of your choice. Your choice or no choice; gifts have always been a big part of this special day.

Surprising yourself with gifts is something you should do, not only on your birthdays but whenever possible. Get those boots you have your eyes on or that dress on the mannequin you adore. Get ready to spend all that you have saved up. Try new outfits, experiment with your styles, and bring out the original you.

3. Say Thank You For All The Wishes

We usually tend to miss the text messages we get from friends and family wishing us on our birthday. People post their wishes on social media platforms, as well. Most often, we forget to acknowledge all these messages, which seems rude on our part.

Replying “thank you” to their birthday wishes will mean their wishes are important to you, and in turn, it will make them feel special. Let’s send thank you birthday messages to every person who wished us a unique & customized happy birthday.

4. Have A Slumber Party


Going out and partying can be tiring and introvert’s most unfavorable way to celebrate birthdays. Pack your funky jammies, a bunch of your favorite movies, a lot of drinks (if you have alcoholic interests), everything you like to eat, and you are all set for a slumber party. Establish some super weird out-of-the-box ground rules.

Gather your friends and watch some movies, but know that none of the films will be finished. Talk for hours with food in your mouth and reminisce about all the embarrassing moments. Do anything and everything under the roof, and have a blast reconnecting with all your friends on your birthday.

5. Go To A Music Festival

If you are a music festival junkie, going to a music concert will be a perfect thing to do on your birthday. You can prefer to go alone and be a part of the crowd, or you can take your circle. It’s your day, so the choice is yours. It doesn’t specifically have to be a concert, plan a musical night out with your friends.

Browse the events happening nearby, who knows your favorite artist might be in town. Choose any music festival of your liking and pick a perfect hipster outfit. Get lost in the rhythm. Get high on music, and have a fantastic end to your birthday.

6. Have A Bonfire

Some of us want to spend our day with close friends and family only. Without any fancy party or loud music or getting wasted, a quiet, sober evening sounds just perfect. Have a bonfire, then invite whoever you want to.

As the sun goes down, turn on those fairy light canopy and light the piled woods. Set up the stereo and play some of your favorite tunes. Have good food and dance around the fire with your loved ones. Make your birthday warm and memorable this year.

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7. Throw A Pool Party

Not ideal for winters. But all those summer borns should get ready to throw a killer pool party and beat the heat. Put that swimsuit on and take a dip in the pool with your friends. Set the mood with some good food, mocktails, and music. The sun will have zero control.

Some of you must be thinking that without a backyard pool, this idea can’t be implemented. You can always book clubs or hotels for a day or only for a few hours and kick start your party.

8. Have A Netflix Night


It is as perfect as it sounds. Binge-watch your favorite tv show. Finish one season and start another without any guilt, because it’s your birthday. Invite over some friends and have a movie marathon of all the movies in your wishlist.

Every movie or tv show will be of your choice because it’s your birthday. Good food and Netflix is the idea when we say “Netflix and Chill.” Nightclubs and partying is what everyone does. Try something different who knows you will love this more.

9. Book A Spa

Pamper yourself on your birthday. Treating yourself right is the idea. You have worked a lot this year, and taking a day off for yourself is no big deal. That should be a rule.

Many spas provide an environment closer to nature. It can be a getaway from all that city traffic and pollution. They have different packages under and over your budget. Going a little over budget won’t do any harm, come on it’s your birthday after all.

10. Go On A Road Trip

Yes, you heard it right, I said it “ROAD TRIP.” Something you had on your mind for long, but always giving excuses for work. But not this time, pack your bags and take your travel partner and get the wheels on the roads. No more excuses.

If you don’t have much time, visit a nearby city. A city you heard of but never thought that you’d have time to explore. Stop along the way to experience roadside tea stalls and other eatables. As we all know, it is never about the destination but the journey to it.

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