Amazon’s Kindle Fire Review: Can It Lead The Pack of Digital Convergence Devices ?

The Kindle Fire is a 7-inch tablet that links seamlessly with Amazon’s impressive collection of digital music, video, magazine, and book services in one easy-to-use package. It’s a hybrid device that’s part Android tablet (first Android tablet made and sold by Amazon) and part eReader.

Let’s find out  the opinions of market experts and gadget gurus about Kindle Fire from Amazon:


Amazon’s Kindle Fire: The tablet’s Volkswagen moment, ZDNET

The car, dubbed “Volkswagen“, literally meaning “People’s Car” in German, did not actually see mass production until after 1945, when the war had ended and the country had to rebuild its industrial infrastructure after Hitler’s desire for world domination nearly destroyed his nation and his people. But for nearly 70 years, up until 2003, the iconic “Beetle” produced by the company and designed by legendary automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche would become the most mass-produced car model in all of history, with over 21,000,000 coming off assembly lines all over the world, and became a critical component in re-establishing Germany’s industrial economy and transforming into the economic power that exists today.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire, in my opinion, is destined to become the “Volkswagen” of digital convergence devices.

I believe that because of the price factor we are looking at potentially a much larger customer base than even the iPad. Recent surveys have also indicated that iPads tend to be “family-owned” devices and are shared.

At less than half the price, I expect there to be potential for multiple Kindle Fires per household and also for it to potentially threaten the traditional handheld game (Nintendo) market as well. More…

Amazon Kindle Fire, CNET

Though it lacks the tech specs found on more-expensive Apple and Android tablets, the $199 Kindle Fire is an outstanding entertainment value that prizes simplicity over techno-wizardry.  More…


The Kindle Fire: Nice Try, Amazon, Business Insider

Despite its many, many flaws, you should keep in mind that the Kindle Fire is a $199 piece of hardware. Is it good enough for that kind of cash? Definitely. There’s not one tablet out there that costs as little as the Fire and can perform as well.

Look at it this way. The $199 Fire can beats out other 7-inch competitors that cost hundreds more: BlackBerry PlayBook ($500), HTC Flyer ($300), Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 ($400)…they all fail in comparison to the Fire.

Does that make the Kindle Fire the best tablet? No. That title still goes to the iPad 2 for now. But it does mean the Kindle Fire is the best value and provides access to the best content. That’s more than enough to make it worth considering. More…

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