Amit Singhal Unravels The Future of Google Search

With the introduction of the Knowledge Graph in the US, Google is trying to make its search engine understand meaning of words typed into its search box,and how they relate to other concepts.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Google has done a lot of wizardry to give us relevant text, images and video in one simple interface.

Of late, the search engine is getting more and more personalized and contextual.However, there is an effort on its part not to go overboard with personalization in search because serendipity is really valuable.

Amit Singhal, head of search at Google, explains the changing face of search engines more particularly of Google in a more connected networked world. In his candid conversation with Leo Kelion of BBC, Singhal speaks about Google’s Knowledge Graph, the personalization of the search engine, and more about future of search at this  junction where various technologies –  mobile technologies, networks, speech recognition, speech interfaces, wearable computing- have far reaching implications.

Read the complete Interview of Amit Singhal, head of search at Google, with Leo Kelion of BBC here.

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