An App To Promote Women’s Safety

 An App To Promote Women’s Safety

If a woman is threatened or in danger, she could activate iFollow, an android application, by shaking it three times in quick succession. This will trigger a voice call to three saved numbers. It can also send a text message to the saved numbers in case the call is unanswered. The app has come in a direct response to a series of rape cases reported in India.

One of the developers, Jinsu Mathew, says this is an example of how technology can help solve social problems.

This and hundreds of other smartphone apps have been developed at Startup Village, based in Kochi. This incubator of ideas and innovations has been established through public private partnership with an aim to launch 1,000 IT products in 10 years.

In its first year of existence it has managed to catch the attention of big global smartphone players such as Blackberry. The recently launched BB10 platform includes 144 apps developed on the campus.

So impressed was the company with the available talent, that it launched its own innovation zone on the campus, called Rubus Labs.

This is India’s own little Silicon Valley, with angel investors and start-up funds in tow. However, experts say if the hub wants to achieve its goal, it needs to guard against becoming just an app store.

Adapted From: Searching for India’s billion dollar start-up


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