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10 Signs That You Are A Person Who Gets Turned On Around Smart People

A Sapiosexual in layman terms is a person who really gets turned on when he is around smart people. Such people get aroused by intelligence and there are some clear indicators that show that you may be one. Here are those signs that show that you are a Sapiosexual and get turned on by smart people.


1. You Would Much Rather Meet Someone In A Bookstore Than A Bar.

You don’t go to bars to meet people. Nothing is attractive about screaming your name to someone you met three minutes ago on the dance floor. Instead, your dream date, or your dream introduction, would occur within a bookstore or at a documentary screening. For you, this is where you will find an intellectual counterpart, because they are environments that will inspire meaningful conversation.


2. You Are An Incredible Listener.

You love when people can teach you things, and this has caused you to hone your listening skills. You admire when those you care for are able to go on about something they learned, or something they find fascinating. Not only does this expand your mind, and connect with your value of conversation, but seeing someone so passionate about knowledge, and so capable of articulating it, makes you bubble over with admiration. You have no problem sitting still and listening to them for hours.


3. Bad Grammar Is One Of Your Biggest Turn Offs.

If you start to talk to someone, and they text you things like “Hey what r u doing?” or use short forms, you cannot stand it. You are automatically turned off, and you cannot continue talking to them any longer.


4. They Appreciate Your Clever Texts.

Speaking of wit, who needs sexting when you guys have banter through your texts, emails, and other online messages? Sure, the art of writing a love letter may be dead, but your ability to communicate with intelligence not only in person, but in writing, makes you a real catch to your significant other.


5. They Value All Aspects Of Your Intelligence.

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor, you most certainly are familiar with the term “emotional intelligence.” As a sapiosexual told The New York Times, “What I connect most with and value most as a sapiosexual is emotional intelligence and comedic intelligence.” That means it’s not strictly book smarts for all sapiosexuals and they may admire you for your emotional maturity and wittiness as well.


6. Intelligence, And Deep Conversation, Inspires You And Turns You On.

While most love a great conversation, you require it daily from the person you choose. When you hear someone talking about their thoughts, and the things that they question or know in life, you not only admire them, but you find yourself attracted to them on a level unlike any other.


7. You Have The Same Level Of Intelligence.

Cosmopolitan talked to six people who refer to themselves as sapiosexuals and one takeaway was that they’d either break up with someone or never even date someone that they didn’t regard as intelligent. So when it comes to book smarts, you’re probably on the same level if you have a sapiosexual partner.


8. You Didn’t Start Dating Right Away.

Whether you were friends for years before you started dating or just had a longer courtship than you’re accustomed to, a sapiosexual needs to know your mind before they can be truly attracted to you. So if your partner’s interest in you grew significantly the more they got to know you, there’s a chance they are a sapiosexual.


9. Physical Attraction Is Great, But Conversation Is Better.

Yes, you need to be physically attracted to someone in order to be with them. However, if they are simply just a pretty face, you tire easily. To you, conversation is key, and no matter how attractive someone is, if they cannot hold one, and if they cannot deepen your knowledge, they aren’t worth your time.


10. They Respect Humility.

Although you might expect a sapiosexual to have an ego, that’s not what they want out of a partner. As the website Love Dignity explained it, “Many sapiosexuals tend to be more impressed by a person’s humility rather than the various accomplishments they list off.” So even if you have a Ph.D. from Harvard, your partner wouldn’t be impressed by you stating that. Instead, they’d rather you show ’em your smarts than tell ’em your smarts.



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