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How To Recognize High-Quality CBD And Fake CBD Oil

The CBD market is still the wild west. Lack of regulations has created an opportunity for companies lacking in morality and ethics to take advantage of users unfamiliar with the industry.

Getting ripped doesn’t feel good especially when you are the newbie. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be the informed CBD buyer your friends turn to when they need to buy authentic CBD oil products like CBD tinctures or capsules.

How To Spot Fake CBD Oil

Why Canadians Are Choosing CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD oil comes in different colors. The carrier oil is what gives the product its color. Using your eyes to determine if CBD oil is real or not is difficult. If the carrier is hemp seed oil it will appear dark green. If the company chooses to use MCT oil the final product will appear transparent. Visit itsfreeatlast.com for more information.

Hemp seed oil and MCT oil are the most common carriers used in CBD oil. If the advertised carrier oil for the CBD you are thinking of purchasing is hemp seed oil and it is transparent, something is wrong.

Spotting fake CBD oil can usually be done before opening the package but it’s always good to know you should be looking for regarding the color of CBD oil.

Lab Tests

The best way to determine if CBD is legitimate is by looking at 3rd party lab tests. Checking for CBD potency is the most important, but CBD companies should also provide terpene, pesticide, and heavy metals tests. The lab tests are provided in certificate of analyses (COAs). They should be visible for each batch of CBD and available on their website or in store.

Having a 3rd party do the potency testing is important. This means that a company that doesn’t have any affiliation with the manufacturer. Some companies grow the hemp, manufacture the oil, then market the product but not many.

Most buy the oil wholesale from a manufacturer then market the oil under their business name. This is why it’s important to get lab tests from a 3rd party. Getting the lab tests from the manufacturer could be misleading or not related to the actual product you will be buying.


If the CBD company has an online presence, they will most likely have reviews. If people are happy with the product there’s a good chance you will be too. However, reviews are easily manipulated. Be cautious and look for reviews from certified buyers.

Contact The Company

There aren’t any CBD companies so big that they won’t answer a question about their products. If you ask for their lab tests and a little information about their products, the company should get back to you.

Money Back Guarantee

Why Canadians Are Choosing CBD Oil For Anxiety

There’s no reason a reputable CBD company wouldn’t offer a money back guarantee. If their product contains what they advertise, they should have no problem issuing a refund to unhappy customers.

How To Tell If CBD Oil Is Bad

CBD oil takes a while to expire. According to Weedmaps, CBD takes 14 to 24 months to expire. When CBD is stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight it shouldn’t expire for two years.

Getting real CBD oil is the most important aspect of buying CBD. If you can’t trust that the company will deliver on their promise, it’s probably best to steer clear of that business. There are plenty of great companies out there. When buying in person or online, make sure to look at the lab tests. This is the easiest way to determine if what you are buying is actually CBD.

No one wants to be taken advantage of. If you follow this guide and use a multifaceted approach to picking out a new CBD supplier, you will find a reputable company and can enjoy the benefits of CBD.

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