Trade Cryptocurrencies On MT5

How To Trade Cryptocurrencies On MT5?

The Meta Trader 5 trading platform was published in 2010, following the Meta Trader 4 platform was launched in July 2005. While the MT4 platform was designed with the Forex markets in mind, both MT4 and MT5 can accommodate the Forex markets and other asset classes such as securities, commodities, and now cryptocurrencies.

Meta Quotes Software Corporation designed both platforms. The adoption of MT5 was gradual at first, but it has grown in popularity as non-Forex asset classes have become more prominent.

One of the most widely used trading platforms in the financial world is Meta Trader 5 (MT5). Millions of traders use it to trade Forex, stocks, metals, equities indexes, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and futures worldwide.

It has evolved into the leading platform for both investors and cryptocurrency devotees over time. Traders can now trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a wide range of other cryptos on the MT5 platform as part of the asset suite, allowing them to participate in the cryptocurrency trend.

Brokers are also benefiting from new revenue prospects as interest in cryptocurrency continues to soar to levels never seen before in the Forex market.

Why Use MT5?

So, what’s the deal with MT5’s popularity? There are numerous explanations for this. It can manage multiple asset classes, is FIX compatible, and includes both desktop and mobile interfaces (iPad & Android) for starters.

It also employs trading algorithms and automated bots to assist increase earnings while reducing manual labour. Traders can also use the market to download free applications.

This is especially helpful for novices who want to learn more about the fundamentals of algorithmic trading and how to select robots that best fit their trading strategy.

The Benefits Of MT5


  • The MT5 platform has several advantages, including the ability to represent all positions, whereas the MT4 platform can only reflect individual transactions.
  • There are desktop, mobile, and web versions accessible, allowing you to trade global financial market items from anywhere at any time.
  • The MT5 platform allows you to trade most asset classes, save futures markets, in addition to Forex.
  • The MQL5 programming language makes the employment of algorithms and robots for dealing, as well as copy trading, much more manageable.
  • MT5’s backtesting feature allows traders to test investment strategies at much faster speeds, including backtesting multi-pairings. This saves traders a lot of time in the backtesting phase.
  • Instant, Request, Market and Exchange execution types are among the four order execution modes available in MT5.
  • The full range of trade order types is supported by MT5, including market, pending, and stop orders, as well as trailing stop orders.
  • The platform supports a dynamic analytical atmosphere by allowing up to 100 asset class pricing charts to be active simultaneously, with 21 timeframes accessible to assist deep examination of tiny price movements and the provision of over 80 technical indicators and analysis techniques.
  • The MQL5 programming language, in conjunction with the platform’s built-in tools, allows traders to construct their indicators with unique properties.
  • Traders can also choose from a large number of free indicators in the Codebase and buy or rent algorithms from the Market with over 2,500 ready-made algorithms.
  • MT5 has a fundamental analysis tool that can be used to anticipate financial product price movements.
  • MT5 may run even when the machine is turned off, thanks to Virtual Hosting.

The ability to conduct professional cryptocurrency trading on MT5 is a crucial benefit thanks to the efforts of the entire team of Meta quotes Software Corp. IT engineers.

Clients only trade with other clients in a peer-to-peer environment. Because of the Market’s depth, this trading is entirely transparent, with each limit order viewable to every trading member. This allows traders to assess the current market position and make appropriate decisions.

How To Trade Cryptocurrencies On MT5?

The MT5 trading platform developed by Metaquotes Software Corp. has been made accessible to allow cryptocurrency trading and can be downloaded via the MT5 Platform page.

Please make sure you choose the correct version, as there are versions for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices. Aside from that, you’ll need to open a Crypto brokerage account.

When creating a trading account, fill in the required information and choose a funding source: USD, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

(Maintain in mind that if you asked for passwords to be generated automatically, you must keep them in a secure location.)

Run the MT5 platform installer from your computer after downloading it. Select ‘connect with an existing trade account’ and enter your trading account details if the Windows edition was selected and finished.

Now that your trading platform is up and running, the final step is to fund your account using your preferred payment method.

Select Funds Deposit on the trading account page, the Trader’s Cabinet, and input the suggested information, making sure to pick the proper target, in this case, your Meta Trader 5 account, and top up your account with the amount you believe is appropriate.

You are now free to begin trading. However, before you do so, we recommend that you read the complete description of the MT5 platform as well as the manual outlining the specifics of trading exchange cryptocurrencies on the MT5 website; you can get this useful information.

You’re set to start once you’ve financed your account, and traders can choose from 16 cryptocurrency combinations and four cryptocurrency indexes.

The MT5 platform allows you to benefit in any situation, including rising and falling bitcoin prices.

Unlike many other crypto exchanges, some allow traders to profit not just from trading but also from maintaining the stability of the exchange. Maker traders make a negative profit, i.e., they are paid 0.02% of the volume of each deal. Taker-traders pay the lowest compensation in the market, at just 0.09%.


Margin trading is another big benefit for crypto trading clients. For example, one bitcoin trade requires only $100, which is around 60 times cheaper than purchasing a bitcoin on a stock exchange. This greatly reduces your risks and allows you to make a significant return while working with lower quantities.

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