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How To Find A Right Partner To Chat In The Time Of Social Distancing

In today’s times finding a partner of your dreams seems like a remote concept. Often the busy schedules the people are part of make it difficult for them to even get the chance to have a love life or even do basic flirting. However, the concept of LuckyCrush is different and let us find out how :

What Is LuckyCrush:

LuckyCrush is a relatively new type of random video chatting site. Aimed at straight adult people get a chance to find flirting partners in their lives the concept of Lucky Crush is giving them the chance to have a live random video chat with others.

On this unique platform, guys get matched with girls and vice versa on a random basis. They see each other on a webcam and can speak to each other or write their messages. You may click on « next » and move on to the next partner easily.

The best part is that your cam chat with one partner may last from one second to many hours depending on how much you like or dislike him or her. Conversation ends only when one of the partners clicks on « next ».

Lucky Crush is in no manner a dating site. It is an interesting alternative to other dating sites in these times where physical distance is still required. It is just a chat site, and everything here is virtual in nature. You do not need to meet the other person or share any details with him. Have naughty chats with girls without they ever getting to know who you are in real.

The users also get a chance to keep their identity completely hidden and remain anonymous. They may keep their face hidden and use only usernames as their identity. You are prohibited from sharing any personal details during the chats on the site so that there is no breach of privacy.

The site regulates both male and female registrations so that at one point in time only 50% of girls and 50% of men are online and chatting. This ensures that no one has to wait to get someone to join in chatting with them. In simpler words, it means that you virtually chat with strangers using live video chats.

With COVID 19 lockdown implemented in place, the numbers of people using the LuckyCrush service have increased by almost 50%.



People often question why men and women are only being matched? This seems to be a little intolerant towards the LGBT community?


At present this system is only targeted at straight people. During registration, we ensure 50% of males and 50% of the female so that no one has to wait for a partner. We are working on the concept of a same-sex match matchmaking system but for that maybe we need to have a dedicated chat site.

This Chat site is available from the desktop and also on any mobile device. Its URL is You do not need to download any app to access the same on your mobile. So far the platform has nearly 1 million members from more than 100+ countries ever since its inception in 2019.

To start on Luckycrush you just need to select the gender and then click on « start searching ». You get the chance to browse a few partners after which you have to register if you wish to continue chatting.

The concept of Lucky crush is original and involves the virtual flirting of two mates with no possibility of meeting. In times of COVID 19, this is a quick respite for people looking for companionship.

Lucky Crush gives a strong competition to Tinder and other dating apps. Since the possibility of meetings is low why not enroll in the system which allows you to indulge in ephemeral flirting without actually meeting the other person. Created in 2019 this website links two people through video chat and ensures that their privacy is not compromised upon.

LuckyCrush is aimed at making straight people get back to having a fruitful love life. When you join the site you are asked your gender. Once you do that you are automatically linked to any partner of the opposite sex so that you can proceed with the chatting.

At present, the platform is not providing same-sex matches but is working on creating a new platform for the same. You can easily click ‘next’ and move ahead to the next person.

When you first log in, the rules are clearly stated. You cannot share any contact information or take money from another user as you would be banned from doing that. Also if during chat you are not there on the camera your account may get suspended.

Nudity is permissible if the other person has no problem with it. You can chat for as long as you want and in case your flirting is getting boring, move on to the next person.

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