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Tackle Time Bandits With An Online Time Clock

Have you ever heard of time theft? Time theft, which involves a worker stealing time from a company, has been an issue for decades. No matter where you work, you will come across unpunctual individuals who disregard the importance of being consistently on time or working while at work.

Punching in late is the norm, and their reasons for frequent long breaks are one in a million. This is perhaps one of the most common ways employees tend to steal time. They misrepresent their time worked, get distracted easily, and spending more time on personal tasks at work.

Perhaps one of the most efficient ways to tackle time bandits is by investing in an online time clock. Online time clock software allows a business to track all work hours down to the minute accurately. If an employee is not staying on task, you will quickly know by glancing at the employee’s time tracking data.

Implementing an online clock system at your place of work allows employers to collect absence information and get an account of the correct representation of time worked. Employees find “stealing time” as part of the job and manage to get away with a fair share of money for consuming an excessive amount of time and not achieving anything worthwhile.

This not only mars their productivity but also has an adverse effect on the company as well through the form of increased labor costs. An online timecard system enables employers to improve performance management at work. Employees need to take frequent breaks to conserve their energy, but taking advantage of that is mere deception.

With that being said, time is money, and employees are expected to make every minute worked count. This is not only beneficial to a business in terms of success, but the employee as well. If they aren’t consistently putting their best foot forward, there is little chance of rising through the ranks.

This is where online time clock software can help. The ever proactive online employee time tracking system helps unpunctual employees step up their game by reminding them to punch in or out on time and when to take breaks. It can alert you if you’ve been working too long on a specific task or if it’s time to move onto a new project.

Using such software provides employees with a sense of accountability over their work hours and can significantly reduce the chances of time theft. All relevant information around punching in and out is recorded, tracked, and stored in online time clock software. Employers can then use this information to determine if anything nefarious is occurring and take action when needed.

Before the advent of online timesheet software, employees frequently restored to buddy punching. This form of time theft occurs when one employee punches time for another. Whether the employee was worried about being late or just wanted extra hours, this form of time theft is incredibly damaging to not only your business finances but also to employee morale.

Luckily, a cloud-based time clock can prevent most forms of time theft through advanced features such as facial recognition. This allows a system to store a picture of an employee. When they go to punch time, their picture is taken and compared to that of the image on file. Only once identity is confirmed, will the punch process complete.

Online time clock software has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the workplace – transforming them into areas free of time bandits. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to invest in a time tracking solution to help reduce time theft and, in turn, increase your company profits.

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