Off The Beaten Track In Paris

Known as the City of Love, you couldn’t pick a more romantic destination to visit than Paris. This bustling capital boasts beautiful architecture, world-famous cuisine, and a surprising number of lesser-known gems that you can visit. Whether you’re planning just a weekend in Paris or a full tour of all that the city has to offer, be sure to check out these secret spots.

Association Cercle Eldo

Being France’s capital city, Paris has more than its fair share of enormous casinos. There’s something exciting about the dazzling lights and sense of grandeur in these casinos, but what about the smaller ones? Association Cercle Eldo is a tucked away cards room on Boulevard Saint-Martin.

Much smaller than it’s glitzy counterparts, the Association Cercle Eldo will appeal to online blackjack fans for its blissful sense of quiet. Those who enjoy playing cards online can sometimes find the distractions of a conventional casino a little off-putting. This little card room provides the perfect alternative. Gamers will relish the chance to sit comfortably in a room where they can properly concentrate.

Jardin Des Plantes

Although this place isn’t a secret in and of itself, there are some surprises hidden in this picturesque garden. The Jardin des Plantes is home to Paris’ own Natural History Museum, as well as plenty of plants, lots of unusual animals, and a peculiar carousel. Leave yourself at least half a day to look around everything on offer in the garden.

The miniature zoo is particularly interesting and is home to some rare animals including snow leopards and orangutans. At just 12 euros per person to enter, it is very reasonably priced. Once you’ve finished looking at the real animals, head to the carousel.

This theme park ride has exclusively extinct and endangered animals instead of the traditional horses. So, you can ride around on a dodo if you’d like to!

Marche Aux Puces, Clignancourt

If you’re looking for the perfect budget attraction, then it doesn’t get much better than this behemoth of a flea market. Porte de Clignancourt is the metro station you should travel to and, after that, follow your nose! All of the crowds head straight from the metro to the biggest flea market in the world. The market is only open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but those who are in the market for serious antiques would be best to visit at the weekend only, as many stallholders close early on Monday.

The market provides a real mixture of items to buy, from thousands of euros worth of beautiful furniture to buttons and beads for just a couple of cents apiece. Better still, there’s a great and reasonably priced cafe just on the outskirts of the market. They offer a brilliant lunchtime buffet, so you can stop and refuel ready to continue with the afternoon’s shopping.

Musée Jacquemart-André

Louvre Museum, Paris

Paris has so many famous museums that you’d be crazy to try and get around them all. Most people, therefore, head for the biggest and most famous, The Louvre. However, if you really want to get close to the art and not have your view spoiled by masses of tourists, then there’s another museum you should consider – the Musee Jacquemart-Andre.

Set inside a breathtaking 19th-century mansion, this gallery comprises the personal art collection of Edouard Andre and Nellie Jacquemart. The couple has collected many incredible pieces over the years, including a stunning piece by Fragonard. Not only is the house and collection beautiful, but it’s set in immaculately manicured gardens. Make time to wander around outside and settle in for some lunch in the orangery. It’s a beautiful insight into ‘how the other half lives’.

So that’s your insight into some of Paris’ worst kept secrets. Wherever you go in this beautiful city, you’ll be sure to find new favorites of your own. Sometimes just slowing down and taking in the scenery is all that’s required to find a new place. Make time for the little things, drink coffee, eat croissants and enjoy all that Paris has to offer.

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