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4 Great Niches For Being A Social Media Influencer


Being a social media influencer has become a full-blown profession and occupation. There are tons of social media influencers who rely on their online social media presence to earn them a living. Social media influencers have become spokespersons for their country and for the particular niche they are blogging or posting about.

You realize the influence social media personalities have once you come across their posts on your group messaging chats. Because once your friends start sharing their stuff then you know they’re providing something good. So if you’re a social media influencer, or if you’re looking to be a social media influencer, where can you start?

Well, the best place is to find a certain niche to be influential in. There are several niches you can choose from and blog about but you should always choose one that fits right with you. And if you are struggling to come up with a niche to blog about, then here are 4 great niches for being a social media influencer.

Niches For Social Media Influencer

Sports And Fitness

This certain niche isn’t really for the type of individual who isn’t into sports and fitness themselves. You really have to be a fitness freak to blog about fitness for a living. That means knowing the best health supplements, posting various fitness exercises, uploading work out videos, and other sports-related content.

If you are a person who already does all these things, then great, you should start blogging about it, and build a following. If you aren’t an avid athletic person, then maybe this particular niche isn’t right for you.

Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

This is another niche that requires a certain capability and that is the financial one. But then again, there are ways to be a travel blogger without splurging for the big bucks vacation spots, and fancy touristic places. There are many travel bloggers who spend a small budget backpacking across Europe and blogging about it.

Usually, they will reach out to one of their followers and see if they will host them in their city and act as their guide. A lot of times that plan works and travel bloggers get to visit new cities without spending a lot of money. And also, if you get really good at being a travel blogger, sooner or later you might get paid to visit a city and blog about it.

A Foodie

Being a foodie is no easy work, despite how easy and fun it may seem. First of all, you have to have a large appetite. Second of all, you have to be constantly out and about trying new restaurants and different types of foods, so you can’t really be picky.

Third, if you don’t want to be a foodie and a diabetic, then you probably should balance your eccentric eating lifestyle with a bit of exercise. But in general, being a foodie is all the fun it’s cracked out to be. If you’re a successful foodie, then you’ll have restaurants calling you to come and dine in!

Social Media Personality

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This is probably the easiest social media influencer you can go for and it means just being your fun and interesting self, and building a following along the way. Post pictures and videos about your everyday life and let people get a glimpse of what it is like to be you.

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