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What Makes The Best Credit Unions In Oregon A Great Choice?

Individuals who search for a financial institution have to choose between banks and credit unions. There are people who prefer working with banks because of the convenience they bring and the wider availability and there are others who find credit unions very attractive.

It all depends on what each individual values the most, on the features he is interested in. Those who want to manage their finances online and to use the latest banking tools in the process are probably best working with banks in Portland Oregon.

On the other hand, those who want to obtain a more suitable loan with a better interest rate should check out the best credit unions in Oregon.

Should You Go To A Credit Union Or Banks In Portland Oregon?

It is wrong to say that credit unions are better than banks and vice versa; it all depends on the services each person wants to benefit from. For example, individuals who value convenience above anything else and who cannot manage without the latest banking technology should resort to the services provided by banks in Portland Oregon.

On the other hand, individuals who want to benefit from a more personal service and who value customer service and advice the most will be pleased with credit unions.

Each of these financial institutions provides financial products to its customers; what differentiates banks in Portland Oregon from credit unions is the selection of financial products and the way in which these products are offered.

Credit unions are owned by their members and this is why they promote a friendlier atmosphere; however, this does not mean that you will not find a bank that has friendly and willing to help employees.

When deciding between banks and credit unions, it is best to keep in mind the following aspects:

  • The selection of financial services available; some people might be interested in a certain type of business loan that is not offered by credit unions and this means that they have no other option but to take their business to a bank.
  • The fees they charge for the available services- it is common knowledge that banks have higher costs than credit unions and this is because their focus is on making profit.
  • The branches and ATM’s they have- there is nothing more frustrating than joining a bank or a credit union for that matter that does not have any ATM’s close to you.
  • The online services available- most people prefer to manage their money online and Internet banking makes this possible.
  • Interest rates- it is in the best interest of the customer to find the institution with the best interest rates.

Why Are The Credit Unions In Oregon A Great Option?


Credit unions have become a popular choice among Oregonians who search for a friendlier way of doing their banking.

These institutions are known for their excellent customer service, for their lower rates on loans and for doing their best to help their members. Banks, on the other hand, use the latest technology, thus making it easier for people to manage their money.

According to an interesting article in Entrepreneur, “In many ways, credit unions operate like banks. They offer many of the same consumer services, but less than one-third of credit unions make business loans, and not all credit unions offer business services such as business checking accounts or merchant account services. ”

It is worth mentioning that some of the best credit unions in Oregon provide their services to businesses, helping them grow and succeed.

When it comes to working with the best credit unions in Oregon, chances are consumers will be impressed with the dedication of the members and their willingness to help.

Although it is quite clear that credit unions cannot assist businesses the same way banks in Portland Oregon do and their corporate financial services are limited, they make up for this by focusing on making their members happy.

Credit unions are a great option for small businesses that need funding and they can help their members jumpstart a small business.

How To Decide Between Banks In Portland Oregon And Credit Unions?

It is impossible to make an educated decision between a bank and a credit union when individuals do not what to expect from these two institutions.

Banks invest in the latest banking tools to keep their customers happy but they lack a personal touch and they have higher charges.

The best credit unions in Oregon do offer online services but they lack the money to purchase the most recent banking tools.

However, their members are always willing to help so that people know exactly where they stand as far as their credit score is concerned and so that they do what needs to be done to increase their chances of getting the loan they need.

Individuals that struggle with making sound financial decisions will find credit unions very helpful. Banks are the best choice for those that value convenience and technology; credit unions are a perfect fit for those that need assistance and personalized support.

Individuals should be aware of their options so that they can make a decision that suits their specific requirements best. According to an interesting article in Forbes, “It is the credit union’s mission to provide its members with the best terms it can afford for their financial products.

This means members generally get lower rates on loans, pay fewer (and lower) fees and earn higher APYs on savings products than bank customers do.”

The fact of the matter is that there are differences between banks and credit unions. The best credit unions in Oregon center on the needs of their members, they put their members first.

These institutions are also known for the financial education and support they offer to their members and their lower fees. Overall, each person should be able to make a decision between these two institutions based on the features and services that matter the most to it.

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