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7 Of The Best Porch Plants You’d (Probably) Have A Hard Time Killing

Did you know that in addition to being decorative, house plants can reduce your stress levels?

Creating a beautiful, relaxing environment with plants can sometimes end up being high maintenance though. But, it doesn’t have to be.

There are many low maintenance patio plants. From hanging porch plants to potted plants that do well in shade to potted plants for sun, there is a wide variety from which to choose.

So if you’re looking to spruce up your front porch this summer, check out this list of the best porch plants. Your porch will be looking better and you’ll reap the benefits of the greenery around you.

The Absolute Best Porch Plants

What are the best plants for a front porch? When choosing plants for your outdoor oasis, remember that caring for your plants has added health benefits as well. Let’s look at plants that make sense for your porch no matter where it is.

1. Marigolds


Who doesn’t love the colors of marigolds? They scream summer. These colorful annuals attract butterflies and can repel pests from the plants around them.

They are pretty low maintenance (just need to pop the heads off when they die) and are perfect for a porch that gets a lot of sun.

You’ll have flowers decorating your porch from late spring into the fall.


2. Dragon Plant

Also known as the marginata plant, this attractive plant thrives in moderate sunlight.

They require little care and are helpful in removing chemicals from the air. They make great indoor plants as well. So bring it on inside for the winter.


3. Lantana


This is another colorful plant for your sunny porch. Lantana is easy to care for, requires little water, and add beautiful color to your outdoor space.

They require occasional pruning to cut off the deadheads.


4. Lamium

This plant “grows without fail”. It is great for a porch that gets more shade than sun. And you can add interest to a taller plant by adding it to the pot.

This plant is so hardy that you can try planting it right in your garden and it will often come back the following spring.


5. Lenten Roses

 Lenten Roses

The Lenten rose is another plant that will do well in the shade. It is considered one of the easiest plants to grow.

They come in a wide range of colors to add to any porch decor.


6. Ferns

Can’t forget ferns. You couldn’t kill these if you tried. They are great in the shade and tolerate some sun just fine.

When they mature and thicken, they make beautiful, decorative plants!


7. Caladium


This plant is also known as the Heart of Jesus because of its heart-shaped leaves. They love hot weather and grow best in partial shade. They will tolerate sun if kept hydrated.

The combination of pink, white, red and green leaves make this a gorgeous addition to your porch.


Getting Your Porch Ready For Summer?

Now that you’ve learned some of the best porch plants, you can get your outdoor space ready for the summer months. Visit us for other advice from summer accessories to fun vacation spots.

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