Best Refreshing Colors

6 Best Refreshing Colors To Paint Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where you get ready for a day in the morning and prepare for bed at night, so it’s vital to create both an inspiring and relaxing environment there. Each home maker can achieve this by using the right colors.

Even small changes like painting bathroom countertops can create a completely new vibe without going over your budget. We’ve created this post to provide you with well-tried bathroom painting tips and color options that will support your personal style and help you create a fresh and inviting space. Keep reading!

Powder Blue

Powder blue creates a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transferred to the SPA resort or a peaceful hotel. This color is soft and fresh, it’s perfect if you desire oasis feel that is both crisp and clean.

Besides, powder blue looks great not only on the walls. If you hesitate to paint the walls, you can buy a powder blue cabinet. It’ll definitely freshen up your bathroom look.

Grayish Blue

Grayish blue is another excellent color for creating a relaxing environment in your bathroom. If you want to add a luxurious, classic look, combine grayish blue walls with dark hue cabinets, or add silver tones. Such a combination will work great with any other decoration you may have.

Another awesome bathroom painting idea is icy, pastel blue walls with gray undertones. It looks so soft that you’ll feel SPA vibes right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Mint Green

Often, green is considered not that suitable color to use at home, however, it’s a mistake! If you are a happy possessor of a warm and sunny room, green will bring a pleasant, cooling effect.

Incorporate mint green into a bathroom with multiple windows and lots of sunlight. Just imagine how cool it’ll look! This color brings neutral, calming tones to your bathroom. Actually, mint green can be used anywhere in the home since it’s easy to match with any decorations.


If you want to step away from pastels but are not ready for something too bright, the grayish-brown hue of grey – taupe – may be an excellent choice for you. Lots of people love this color due to its versatility, you can combine it with almost any decor.

However, design mavens say that taupe is a powerful color, and it’s better to keep bathroom neutral with minimum stuff. This way, you let the color to be the focal point and open its maximum potential.


White can come in various shades, from crisp and clean white to beige. If your bathroom is small, you’d better choose a clean white since it has an expanding effect. In other words, this color will make your room look larger.

It’s a good idea to pair white walls with a big mirror or multiple different mirrors for a more spacious appearance. Plus, you can add fresh flowers to your white bathroom; this extra layer of decor will look gorgeous and give the calming effect of a vacation hotel.


All shades of coral look very interesting in the bathroom. They strike a nice balance between soft and bold, sophisticated and edgy, unique, and neutral. Paint walls coral, add gold accents and warm wood cabinets, you’ll get a contemporary yet timeless feel.


Our experts are often get asked about ways of DIY-painting bathroom. We’ll answer the most frequently asked questions here.

How to clean the bathroom walls before painting?

If you want to DIY-paint your bathroom then you need to know some key rules before you start. One of such rules is a thorough wall washing. Most walls can be cleaned using warm water and sponge.

However, if walls are dirty, use detergent, then follow up with clean water to get rid of cleaning agent residuals. Lastly, wipe the walls with a damp cloth.

Before painting, do make sure that everything is dry since applying paint to damp surface may cause a whole host of issues, e.g., blistering.

What are the ways of painting bathroom tile?

Wall tiles are installed to stay in long use, however, styles and colors tend to go out of fashion. Removing existing tiles can be quite expensive, that’s why some homeowners choose painting ceramic tiles in the bathroom. Before you start tile-painting, you should learn a few things to do it the right way.

  • Do not paint tile in high-moisture or high-traffic areas. You can only paint those areas which are not subjected to heavy wear or water. Avoid painting floor, countertops, or tile that lines a bathtub, or shower since frequent exposure to water can cause the paint to blister or peel.
  • Remove grime, grease, dirt, and mold with a powerful detergent.
  • Give the tiles quick scuffing with the abrasive cleanser or sandpaper to dull the surface gloss.
  • Remove sanding dust or excess with a clean damp cloth.
  • If there are any chips, cracks, or other surface damage, repair them. Then let chalk or epoxy dry before painting.
  • Use tape to protect areas next to the tile that is being painted.
  • When the surface is prepared, apply a primer.
  • When the paint is applied, let it dry thoroughly. Don’t use the surface until it completely dries.

If everything is done properly, you’ll be satisfied with the result. You can also consult a professional contractor if you aren’t sure about the process.

You can refresh your bathroom and give it a luxurious look by just painting it. Our painting bathroom walls & cabinets color ideas won’t cost you much, so don’t hesitate to upgrade your bathroom!

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