Best TV Lifts For Yachts

Postmodernism gave this world another popular trend in interior design related to televisions, or actually rather related to their ability to be hidden away and shown again in the interior easily. This text is dedicated to the motorized TV lifts.

With their help, initially hidden in the interior of the room panels with a smooth solemnity float out of the walls or flow down from the ceiling. It would not be a joke to say that the history of motorized TV lifts originates from the Fantomas movies and the early Bondiana, where this technique of the spectacular transformation of the interiors, when pressing colored and hidden buttons, was first presented to the broad audience.


With all the external lightness, motorized lifts are quite sophisticated engineering devices accompanied usually with microcontrollers and remote control devices that are also not that simple in their construction.. Microprocessors, which at any time control the current position, do not allow untimely rotation or folding bracket. In other words, until the lift is folded or turned to the desired state, it will not be able to abruptly disappear in the interior niche, floor or ceiling.

In modern days, the name “TV lift” is firmly fixed to motorized brackets and mechanisms, although in fact, elevators are only part of a family of motorized brackets, lowering or lifting televisions, projectors and other devices in a vertical position.

Solutions based on motorized brackets are in regular demand implemented in shipbuilding. No expensive yacht can do without a flat-panel TV smoothly emerging from the ceiling or from a niche. In addition to achieving aesthetic effects, these brackets allow yacht owners optimizing the ergonomics of space and solve safety issues during powerful sea storms.

Using the following link the yacht & boat lowers will have an exclusive chance to explore the variety of existing TV lifts appropriately suitable to be installed on boards of different vessels: https://www.actuatorzone.com/tv-lifts. Automatization products presented by Progressive Automations are capable to make something really incredible out of any floating means of transportation.

Complicated TV lifts for furniture implementation have a close interaction with the furniture manufacturers relating to design drawings. Calculations of the sustainability of the furniture with the changing center of gravity are always necessary to prevent the mechanism and the furniture from unforeseen wear off and accidents, that is possible when the security measures were not meet.

Talking about the regular linear actuators dedicated for the land use and the TV lifts proposed to be constructed on the solid ground usually, they are somewhat cheaper than the marine-dedicated. Due to marine corrosion, all the structural parts for marine actuators are made exclusively of stainless steel, which prevents the metals and alloys from early wear off.

Modern motorized lifts can be remotely controlled by well-known infrared remotes, and some even through the control protocols of the integrated system of a modern home – technology quite often used last years for smart houses construction.

Progressive Automations always strive to be a few steps forward in order to give the most advanced technologies to its customers and beat the world automation leaders outscoring their best achievements. That is why products offered are always impeccable and ready to meet their challenges.

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