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How First-Time Small Business Owners Can Reduce Their Stress

Opening your first small business can be equal parts exciting and stressful – although in many cases, the latter is liable to be felt much harder than the former.

Even in the best of times, carving out a name for a new business takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources, and there’s little wonder as to why so many small businesses are forced to close within their first year.

Needless to say, fledgling entrepreneurs certainly have their work cut out for them. Business owners looking to prevent stress from getting the better of them during this crucial juncture should take the following tips under advisement.

Stress Management Tips For Business Owners

Learn To Delegate Effectively

Rather than being a single occupation, owning a small business is essentially a series of full-time jobs. It’s no exaggeration to say that small business owners have to wear many hats and be skilled in a variety of areas.

However, this isn’t to say that you should do everything yourself. After all, if you have to micromanage every conceivable task, what’s the point of recruiting a talented staff?

To take some of the pressure off yourself, you’ll need to become comfortable with delegating various tasks. Provided you have managers and other employees you can trust to get the job done right, you needn’t feel compelled to oversee every job that’s undertaken.

This doesn’t mean you can’t check in and receive progress updates, but if you simply take a step back and allow your team to work their magic, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Limit Full-Time Hiring

It’s only natural to want to go into business with the most talented team you can assemble. Additionally, wanting the dedicated individuals who make up this team to be with your enterprise full-time is perfectly understandable.

However, during your first year in business, conserving resources is more important than ever – and the more full-time team members you bring aboard, the more crucial expedient success becomes.

With this in mind, you may want to consider limiting full-time hires until such time as you’ve developed a solid reputation and built up a healthy base of regular clients.

So, if you don’t necessarily need certain positions to be filled in a full-time capacity, you’d do well to work with part-timers and freelancers for these particular roles.

In addition to saving your business money, this can be a great way to gauge the capabilities of potential full-time hires. For example, if any of the freelancers you work with prove to be assets to your business, extending full-time offers to them once you’ve established your brand can be a great way to keep them close.

As an added bonus, transitioning these individuals to full-time employees will help incentivize other freelancers to put forth their best efforts.

Don’t Neglect Your Health

In order to oversee your enterprise effectively and efficiently, it’s imperative that you take care of your health. In addition to eating a balanced diet, exercising on a regular basis and taking proactive measures against illness, this also entails tending to your mental health.

It’s no secret that small business ownership is stressful, and a good therapist can provide you with a great outlet for that stress. This person will also be able to share invaluable tips for stress management and give you a practical assortment of coping tools.

Additionally, you should never allow your busy schedule to stand in the way of getting the treatment you need. Fortunately, remotely seeking out medical advice has never been easier.

So, the next time you have a medical question or concern that needs addressing, reach out to a virtual doctor online or schedule a remote consultation with your regular physician.


It’s easy to see why fledgling small business owners experience such high levels of stress. No matter how confident you are in the products or services your brand offers, developing a unique professional identity can be an uphill battle for any new enterprise.

While eradicating professional stress entirely may not be feasible, there are numerous ways you can reduce it. So, if the pressures synonymous with owning and operating a small business have ratcheted up your stress levels, put the previously discussed pointers to good use.

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