Buying The Motion Sensor Light

Buying The Motion Sensor Light? Look Up These Things

In the modern era, people use many technologically advanced products to secure their property from intruders and burglars. One of the powerful and practical tools for your home’s security is the motion sensor light.

It is ideal for protecting your property from unwanted access because the lights turn on instantly when motion is detected.

Usually, criminals enter into homes with little-to-no light because it is significantly easier for them to escape from the crime.

However, with the motion sensor, the lights in the property will turn on whenever someone approaches your space. It alerts you that someone is entering your home unwantedly and makes you prepare well to handle the situation.

In many cases, the lights make the person scared and hesitate to step inside the property anymore. If you want to enjoy this kind of protection for your home, then look for the motion sensor lights for sale. However, before making any purchase decision, you have to be aware of the following things.

How Does Motion Sensor Light Work?

Motion detection lights render off the bright light as soon as the motion detector is tripped. Various motion detectors are equipped with different technology and used within every sensor to make it work.

Three types of sensors are used in the security light – passive sensors, active sensors and dual technology sensors. As every sensor features a specific operation, pay close attention to the motion sensor lights for sale before buying.

For example, active sensors render off the signal, which detects movement. The passive sensor notices the chance in temperature and turns on the sensor light if the animal or person passes by.

The dual technology sensor access both PIR and ultrasonic technology to sense the motion and turn on the security lights. It is suitable for larger spaces and minimizes false alarms. It is because both sensors need to be tripped to turn on the light.

Things To Lookup

Keep in mind that not all security lights are developed equal. Therefore, it is mandatory to evaluate your security requirement before purchasing the motion sensor light.

Of course, it is pretty tempting to make a purchase when looking into motion sensor lights for sale. However, you have to control your tempt and consider these factors.

It saves you from the hassles of buying the wrong or inappropriate product. Additionally, it makes you spend more money than usual. Here are the significant factors to consider.


The range is one of the most important aspects to look up when buying the motion sensor light. If the sensor lights need to turn on at the doorway only, choose the light with the sensor range of few feet only.

This light never turns on for people walking on the nearby sidewalk or the street. However, if you are worried about protecting your larger property from potential thieves, getting the sensor light with the larger range is necessary.

It is more beneficial and suitable for your needs. It is always effective to measure your space to determine the desired range. It also helps you to avoid making the wrong purchase decision.

Power Source

One of the easiest and simplest ways of installation is the battery-powered lights. However, it is not suitable for people who forget to change the battery frequency. In such a case, the solar security light will act as the best solution.

Since it gets electricity from the sun, it lets you enjoy the benefits of motion sensors all the time. But, there is an issue with that. Not all the areas are receiving plentiful sunlight.

So, it becomes vital to look for some other option. This is where hardwired systems come in. Even though it is challenging to install, it leaves you away from the worry about lack of sunlight and batteries running out.

Luminance And Light Type

When you require the motion sensor light to illuminate the bigger area, go with the product that has more lumens. Do you know that more lumens provide brighter light? You can go with the lower lumens bulb for indoor, whereas the backyard needs higher lumens to cover the entire area.

Next, you have to consider the light type because it impacts a lot on the electricity bill. Almost all the security lights are LED, and thus you will get bright light and energy efficiency. Try to avoid buying incandescent lights because it gets hot after continuous usage.


People always consider the durability of light when it comes to buying. People check the functionality of light and then buy them. It comes up with weatherproof properties and is capable of withstanding any weather condition.

It is worth your investment. You can invest the right amount of money in picking up lighting solutions. It stays for a long time in the home and enhances the appearance and look. You can consider the above things carefully and get light.

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