Dream Locations Found Around California

Dream Locations Found Around California

California is already known to be similar to a fantasy land for those who aren’t from the area. It’s earned this reputation, but there’s so much of this state that still surprises and amazes those who visit.

These are the top locations you can find in California that can add a little mystical fun and magic to every visit. Whether you’re new to the area or are looking for something new in your home state: consider visiting each of these fun stops.

Glass Beach In Fort Bragg

If you can take a day trip from looking at Los Angeles homes for sale, consider visiting Glass Beach in Fort Bragg.

This beach was once a dump site, and nature has turned that around and made it beautiful. Glass that came from litter and trash has been rounded out and smoothed until it’s no longer jagged or painful to walk across. This is breathtaking in the sunlight.

Bristlecone Pine Forest

We’ve all heard of the ancient redwood forests of California, but do you know about the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest? At home in Inyo county, this area has the oldest trees in the whole world, some of them over four thousand years old.

The trees are curiously curvy and twisty, lookalike like they’ve spiraled in on themselves for hundreds of years. This area can be eerie at night, but seeing these trees in the daylight can be amazing. It’s fun to get to see these pieces of nature that are so much older than each of us.

Bowling Ball Beach

This beach can look like an art installation that accidentally washed up on the shores of California. A section of Schooner Gulch State Beach is well known for its bizarre rock formations that sit in the sands. Large circular boulders unlike anything else on Earth have accumulated here.

There are theories that their roundness is from tossed around in the local tides for hundreds of years, but they’re very interesting and huge rock formations. This can be a fun photo opportunity for families who want more unique family vacation pictures.

Rainbow Falls

Along the San Joaquin river, you can catch a view of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. These tumbling rapids are well known for the rainbows their spray creates, allowing the space to look magical and special to everyone who visits.

Although the rock formations in this area are fun to see and offer a chance at outdoor activity: the 101-foot tall Rainbow Falls are where it’s at.

Pacific Grove Monarch Grove Sanctuary

There’s nothing as incredible as butterflies. Of course, all of California is well known for the endless fluttering monarchs that flood it every summer: but some parts of the state gather more than others.

Pacific Grove Monarch Grove and Sanctuary is so incredible that it’s coined the nickname Butterfly Town, US, and gathers endless winged beauties every year.

Visiting this area at the right time of year will allow you to feel like you’ve stepped into a butterfly wonderland; this can be fantastic for young couples or families with kids.

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