Car Location Tracker

Why Should You Invest In A Car Location Tracker In India?

A car is an expensive and valuable asset. More than that, we are often emotionally attached to our vehicles.  Do you ever feel the need to keep track of your vehicle? If yes, then we have the perfect device for you!

With the advancement in technology, you can track your vehicle from anywhere. You can track your vehicle’s real-time location with the help of car location trackers in India, no matter where you are.

What Is A GPS Tracking System?

Car Location Tracker

A GPS tracking system can be defined as a car location tracker in India that consists of a portable device that allows you to monitor and track your vehicle’s location.

High-end trackers can provide real-time stats of the speed and location of your vehicle. Car location trackers in India also offer real-time alerts whenever your car exceeds the set speed limit or deviates from a specified geographical area.  Here are a few reasons why you should invest in car location trackers in India:

1. Helps To Keep A Check On Car Maintenance

A lot of cars require specific and routine maintenance. Car location trackers in India can be utilized to automate the scheduling of regular maintenance for your car. This helps reduce fuel costs and minimize breakdowns and helps in extending the life of your car.

2. Alarms On Reckless Driving

Alerts can be set in a manner that you will be instantly notified in case of reckless and careless driving. This includes hard braking, swerving, speeding, and other dangerous driving behavior. It also keeps young drivers under check and pushes them to behave in a responsible way when behind the wheel. Another striking feature enables you to set up an alarm if the car is operating beyond certain hours, allowing for instant notification if a driver breaks curfew.

3. Helps To Keep Track Of Children

No matter how careful your child is, certain distractions on the road can put the life of your child in danger. As a concerned parent, you may want to know about your child’s current location and who all are with him. In case your child is driving alone at night, there can be a risk of over speeding or other traffic violations.

However, to effectively tackle these problems, it is important to install a car location tracker in India, as it will give you real-time alerts on your phone when your child is over speeding. There are advanced car location trackers like KENT CamEye that come with dual cameras and allow a live video streaming option. Hence, you can also identify all the people sitting in the car through face recognition technology.

Invest in A Good Car Location Tracker

These reasons make it mandatory for every vehicle to install car location trackers. You can consider the option of purchasing a car location tracker from renowned companies like Kent. Their Next-Gen Dash Cam cum GPS Location Tracker comes with some fantastic features:

  • Records time-lapse video
  • GPS tracking and route playback
  • Generates AI-based smart alerts, for example- unknown driver detection & speeding
  • 2-way calling with car occupants
  • Comes with a facial recognition feature

Invest in a dashcam and keep your vehicle safe and sound!

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