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Starting A Top Career In Tech

Many people pursue a career in tech in part because it is an area that offers excellent pay and job security. It’s also a great choice for people who want a career in which they are always learning something new.

The tech world is changing at an increasingly rapid rate, and you’ll never be bored in a tech career. However, it can also be competitive. How can you prepare yourself to get the best jobs in this exciting industry?

Breaking In

In most cases, you’ll need a solid education in the tech field you plan to pursue. A bachelor’s degree is sufficient for an entry-level job in some fields, but in others, you might want to plan to pursue a master’s degree either immediately after getting your bachelor’s or after a few years in the workforce.

If you’re still in high school, you should take as many science and math classes as you can. You may want to try to schedule informational interviews with people in fields that interest you. If you do, be sure to respect their time. Take no more than an hour or so to have coffee or lunch with them, and send a thank-you note afterward.


Cost represents one of the biggest hurdles for people hoping to go to college and pursue a career in tech. Tuition continues to climb, and people might look at their own or their parents’ income and wonder how they will ever find the tens of thousands of dollars they need for classes, textbooks, room, and board.

Most people fund their education through a combination of savings, working, grants, loans and scholarships. You may be eligible for federal grants and loans, but if this is not enough, you can apply for private student loans as well. Over the past decade, there has been a rise in online lenders with more streamlined processes for applying.

If you are young and have not yet built up a credit record, you may need your parents or someone else to cosign for you. Getting experience can be another big challenge. You might want to try to work part-time for a tech-focused company while you are still a student, and if you are in college, you may be able to get summer internships.

Jobs To Consider

One of the fastest-growing and top-paying jobs in tech is that of information security analyst. In this career, you’ll focus on computer security and preventing cyberattacks. You’ll need to have creative problem-solving skills to excel in this area. Software design and development also remains a lucrative, fast-growing field.

This might involve creating programs or apps, or you might work on the underlying systems. Jobs in network and system administration are not forecast to grow as quickly, but these remain solid careers that allow you to work in almost any industry that interests you.

If science fiction is your inspiration and you dream of working in fields that seem more exciting and cutting-edge, such as robotics or artificial intelligence, there’s still room for you if you are good at what you do even if these areas are not predicted to see as much job growth.

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