It’s Time To Change These Unhealthy Practices Before The Quarantine Period Is Over

4 Unhealthy Practices Before The Quarantine Period Is Over

Since you can’t leave home due to government mandate of social distancing, your activities are limited.

You might even run out of things to do. You used to be productive, but you can’t say that about yourself now.

You’re as lazy as it gets. There’s nothing wrong with being unproductive if you want to avoid feeling pressured to finish a lot of things.

The problem is when you end up doing unhealthy things because of the situation. These are some of the unhealthy practices you might do that need to change.

1. Sleeping Late

Sleeping Late

You don’t care about time anymore since you have nowhere to go the next day anyway.

You sleep late and wake up late. The problem is that destroying your sleep cycle isn’t good for your health.

Your body needs to rest and recharge. While you sleep, dead cells get removed from your body and replaced with new cells.

It won’t happen if you stay up late. You will also find it difficult to adjust when things get back to normal.

2. Eating Whatever You Want

You might also find it easy to eat whatever you want. Since you’re at home, you learn how to cook and eat as much as you want.

There’s nothing wrong in learning how to cook. The problem is when you grab whatever is available. Food delivery is also quite easy, and you might feel tempted to order a lot.

The worst part is when you are only watching your favourite TV shows at night, but you have a lot of food in front of you.

These unhealthy practices need to go. Otherwise, you will gain weight and even develop heart disease.

3. Sitting On The Couch For The Whole Day

Sitting On The Couch For The Whole Day

While you’re watching your favourite shows or playing video games, you’re only sitting on the couch. The lack of physical activity is unhealthy.

You have to ensure that even while you’re at home, you continue doing physical activities. You already lack the opportunity to move around since you’re at homes all the time.

The least you can do is to follow exercise tutorials online. You don’t need ample space to do these exercises.

4. Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone

If your phone has a screen time monitor, you might realise that you’re spending way too much time online these days. It’s not healthy for you.

You have to stand up and do other things. You don’t want to overexpose yourself to radiation coming from your phone and computer.

Besides, there are fun activities that you can do that do not involve your gadgets. You can read a book or learn how to bake.

You can even include your entire family in doing these activities so that they won’t spend too much time on their phones either. You can also invest in walk in shower enclosures so that you will have more time to relax.

Being at home doesn’t give you an excuse to be unhealthy. You even need to boost your immune system if you don’t want to catch the virus. Start changing now and live a healthier lifestyle.

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