Amused On Road Trips

How To Keep Children Amused On Road Trips

Heading out on a road trip can be exciting. You are probably going somewhere you’ve never been before. This means there will be an abundance of sites to see on the way there and the excitement of a new destination. Even if you’re going to a previously visited spot, the journey can be exciting as you never know what you’ll see.
However, this is often not the case for children as they will be easily bored. You will need to find something to amuse them.

Check With Their Child Care Provider

If you’re using a reputable child care provider, such as this specialist in child care Liverpool, it’s worth talking to them. They can share what they are currently doing with your child at child care and you may be able to use this as part of your road trip. For example, if they are learning to draw then you can challenge them to find something and draw it while on the journey. It helps elevate boredom and improves their education.

Electronic Toys

Most parents will appreciate the beauty of electronic toys. Choose the right one and it can be educational. The fact that it keeps children quiet is a bonus. But, this is not something you can let children do for an entire road trip, it won’t be good for them.
Fortunately, there are other options to help keep children amused on road trips.


To help pass some of the time you can invest in puzzle books, allowing your children to do word searches and other activities while the car is moving. This can be a good way to pass time and it will challenge their brains.


This is a simple game that most people already know. But, it can be a lot of fun. Simply take it in turns to start and let the children guess what you have seen. It encourages them to notice what they are passing and sharpens their minds while passing the time.

Scavenger Hunts

These can be great fun and you can play them in the car! Instead of solving clues, you write a list or print pictures of the things that the children need to find on the journey. The first child to win gets a prize. If you only have one child then they get the prize if they find everything on the list.

It can help to look ahead to see what special sites are on the route. This will make the scavenger hunt more relevant and may even get your child asking questions about their surroundings.


Choose a few of your favourite songs, or your children’s favourites and try to sing along to them. It sounds simple but it is more complicated and fun than you may think.

The Drawing Game

You may have played this before, it’s good if there are two or more people in the car not including the driver. Everyone takes a piece of paper and draws a head, it can be any type of head. They then fold it and pass the paper on, the next person draws a body and then passes it on. Once you have completed the people you take a look at what you have drawn. It should make you laugh.

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