Ducted Air Conditioners

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioners From Specialists

Ducted air conditioners used to be a regular feature in many offices, shopping malls, supermarkets, city halls, and commercial buildings.

However, these air cooling systems are being used in modern homes today to help keep multiple rooms cool with just a single central system.

Many homes usually prefer the neat and unobtrusive look of the installed ducted air cooling units. Apart from that they are efficient and help cool areas faster.

What Are Ducted Air Conditioners?

Ducted air conditioners are also known as central cooling systems that are used to cool multiple rooms simultaneously. The system usually involves a central system that connects to all rooms through a duct system.

The duct system finally terminates in each room in a vent. This vent is used to push the cool air by a fan from the central system through the ducts to the vents and into the room. The duct cooling systems are known for perfectly spreading cool air all-around a room and enclosure.

Various Reasons To Choose The Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

As opposed to ductless cooling systems, people have different reasons for choosing the central ducted air cooling systems. The following are some of the most obvious reasons

Efficiency: Ducted cooling systems have more efficiency than various other types of air cooling systems. This is because the unit features a central heating system that blows out the cold air into the room through a vent.

The vent is usually located in a central location or there could be multiple vents in one room. This thus helps to spread the cool air evenly around the room. This is ideal rather than buying and installing multiple window/split-air units.

Simultaneous Cooling: Ducted cooling systems use a single central system that connects to multiple rooms through a duct. This duct acts as a passageway for the cool air to travel to all the rooms to provide cooling. This means that all the rooms with vents are cooled at the same time.

External Central Unit: The ducted cooling system has an external central unit which is usually located outside the building.

This means that if there is anything wrong with the main unit, the system is checked outside with little or no disruption to indoor activities.

This is very different from every other air conditioning unit where their primary components are all inside the building.

A Neat Installation: The ducted cooling system uses a central chamber for producing and distributing cool air. The cool air is transferred by way of ducts to air vents located in all the rooms.

The air vents usually appear in the rooms as simple openings covered with a mesh or net. This is your outlet for your cool air. It does not have any protrusions, blockage, or recessed area.

Which means that it does not obstruct the space from being used in any way. With this neat installation, you will see get twice as much cooling as every other cooling system.

Professional Maintenance: The ducted system requires to be kept in top shape by professional maintenance companies.

People who prefer to carry out their maintenance will not find these cooling systems useful. They are for professionals like Daikin ducted air conditioning in Brisbane.

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