Your Priorities In A Motorhome

4 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Motorhome For You

When you have chosen to buy a new motorhome, the most important decision you need to make is which layout is perfect for you.

With such a wide variety of configurations available, it can be difficult to decide between motorhome brands and models.

When you think about these key factors, picking the right vehicle is easier and less stressful.

Below are a few considerations to take when you are deciding which motorhome to buy.

1. Your Priorities In A Motorhome

Your Priorities In A Motorhome

Choosing between different hymer motorhomes for sale is tricky. It is hard to decide when there are so many appealing options.

Think first about what you are looking for in your motorhome vehicle. Make a list with your must-haves and essential features. These are the priorities that form the basis of your shortlist.

For example, you may need four seatbelts in your van. Or you may require a twin bed configuration.

These will be your non-negotiable elements. Other aspects of van configuration can be decided based on the features available in vehicles that meet your essential requirements.

2. How Many People?

Consider not just the number of people who will be regularly using the motorhome, but whether you will have any guests.

If you know that only yourself and your partner will be traveling in the motorhome, you will only need two seatbelts in the front of the van.

But if you will take children, grandchildren or guests in the van, even if only infrequently, you will need more seatbelts.

If you will entertain people in the motorhome then you will probably benefit from a larger lounge area.

Think about how people will comfortably fit round the dining table as this will affect your everyday comfort levels.

Consider the space needed for your pets, too. If you travel with dogs then you need adequate room in the lounge for a bed.

3. Storage Requirements

Your Priorities In A Motorhome

You may not need a lot of storage space if it’s just you and your partner traveling light for short trips.

But storage is an essential requirement when you love sports, have bikes, or have young children with all the associated buggies, scooters and baby seats.

If you are planning to be away for longer periods then storage space will also be necessary. If you need lots of space for stuff, think about whether you can compromise on the washroom or a smaller kitchen.

4. Possible Layouts

Some of the most popular layouts in a motorhome include the front lounge configuration with a rear fixed bed.

The front driving seats turn around to create space for four people in the lounge or dining area. You can also find a rear lounge layout with a convertible sofa bed or a pull-down bed.

Fixed beds give higher levels of comfort but restrict the space available for sitting. Over-cab beds are useful to save space in the main van but it is difficult to sit up in bed and they are hard to access for people with limited mobility.

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