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How To Maintain And Clean Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling Fans

Philip Diehl invented the first ceiling fan in 1882. Since then, ceiling fans have become one of the most commonly used household appliances in the world. Ceiling fans are known as the most common cooling electrical appliance and hence it is a must-have.

They can be a lovely finishing touch for a room, help reduce your energy bill, and are very practical, of course. Warm weather and ceiling fans go hand-in-hand. The warmer the days, the longer the fans work. To keep any ceiling fan in great working condition, it’s important to clean & maintain it regularly.

Hence, you need to maintain a cleaning routine to dust the blades and other ceiling fan parts. You need to clean them monthly or sometimes twice in three months. It not only helps them function well but also makes them look elegant like when you purchased them.

Here we have mentioned a few tips and trick that will help you clean and maintain ceiling fans for home or office:

Cleaning Ceiling Fan Blades

The first step is to turn your ceiling fan off, ensuring that the blades have come to a full stop.
Place a step ladder underneath the fan for deeper cleaning and carefully go over the blades with a moist microfibre cloth or soft towel. You must repeat this step with a dry cloth or towel afterwards. To go over the motor housing and wipe down any pull-chains, use a clean, dry cloth.

Be careful to not put pressure on the blades as it may cause bending or warping which will impact the fans performance Never use abrasive cleaners or harmful chemicals, as the fan blades and motor housing can be scratched or discoloured by these materials.

When you are cleaning the fans, do not use alcohol, baby wipes, or alkaline cleansers. It is because they have harsh compounds that may stain the blades or damage the finish of ceiling fans.

Use a commercial anti-static or dust-repelling spray once your blades are clean. On a clean microfiber cloth, spray the liquid and wash both sides of each blade. Make your own anti-static spray in a spray bottle by mixing one-part fabric softener with four parts water.

Do not neglect your ceiling fans. Clean them regularly so that the fans can perform well and provide proper ventilation. Therefore, you must follow these tips and make sure that your ceiling fans offer optimum efficiency. Along with following these tips, make sure that you select a ceiling fan from reputable brands like Luminous. They provide the best in quality and performance ceiling fans.

Their range also includes world-class finished ceiling fans that will uplift the décor of any room. They offer Aspiration Range, Signature Range, Decorative Premium Range, Performance Range, Decorative Classic Range, Utility Range, Ventilation Range, and Portable fan Range. Luminous Fans available for online purchase are an ideal combination of form and function and have been developed with best-in-class tech. As they are responsive to the latest style trends, these fans are in line with trendy designs and will also add great style to your room.

They distinguish themselves from other ceiling fans with designs of three, four, or five blades and a discretionary LED display. This spectrum is nothing that Indian buyers have ever seen before, and it’s Luminous—who brought these fans to the front.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out their online store and get your hands on the best ceiling fan for home use!

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