Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Home Security

Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Home Security

By this time, everyone in Bakersfield is ready for the spring season. This is a popular moment for deep cleaning your home.

However, the cleaning shouldn’t just be about eliminating winter dirt and dust. You also have to spring clean your home security as well. This is very important because crime rates are usually high during the warm weather.

Including security of your home on the spring cleaning checklist significantly pays off. This is a great moment to realize security loopholes in your home and updating present security features.

A reputable security company is your best bet to keep your home safe this spring. Doing some checks like those highlighted below will lead to a shiny, fresh, and safe home throughout the spring season.

1.  Remove Things That Attract Burglars

The spring checklist might include adjusting the decorative layout or adding new furniture or electrical appliances.

Leaving boxes of the new items outside makes your home a target for burglars. These prefer attacking homes after being sure of what to expect.

So, break down all packaging boxes before concealing them in garbage bags instead of leaving them scattered in your yard.

Apart from attracting burglars, left items in your yard might accidentally block or trigger your security cameras or sensors. Install appropriate window curtains that inhibit view from outside. Doing this keeps your valuables out of plain sight.

You need secure systems in Bakersfield to be sure of your home security. Security cameras and burglar alarms are effective at deterring burglars.

Getting the appropriate security system for your home requires a security evaluation by an expert from a reputable security company.

2. Double-Check The Security System

You have to check that your security system actually works. The warmer weather during spring is a wonderful moment to ensure that your windows and doors are secure.

Invest in security doors or replace short screws on the doors with longer ones to enhance security at your home entry points.

Enlist the services of a professional home security expert to ensure that the door works well. Equally important is checking all doors and windows for possible damage from the harsh winter season.

3. Improve Lighting

Investing in motion-detecting lights deters burglars . Thieves usually work under the cover of darkness. This makes sneaking on your property very easy and without detection.

Replace all burnout bulbs and fix faulty wiring from the winter season. Checking all your security system including the lighting ensures that everything is working as expected. This reinforces the security of your home.

4. Replace Batteries In Security Equipment

Home security devices are usually powered by long-lasting batteries. However, these are used up over time and need replacement. Some of these devices that use batteries include:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Water sensors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Hardwired security devices

Leaving your security devices with dead batteries puts your home and family at risk including death from carbon monoxide poisoning.

5. Freshen Up The Yard

As part of your spring cleaning, freshening up the yard is very important. This is best done with home security at the back of your mind.

Ensure to keep shrubbery on your property trimmed especially near the windows. Burglars usually take advantage of this to avoid detection. Additionally, the presence of large plants and overgrown shrubbery hinder visibility.

Consider planting some bushes with thorns like rosebushes around the home. These make burglars think twice about getting near. So, it gives your home another layer of security.

Keeping your yard well maintained and with a clean appearance portrays that the property is occupied. Unkempt yards are a sign that you are away from home for some time. This is a great inspiration for burglars to attack your home.

6. Do The Actual Cleaning

Keeping your home clean in spring makes it look great and comes with safety benefits as well. Cleaning the glass windows give your home a brighter look and allows seeing better what is in your yard for safety.

Dusting hard-to-reach ceiling fans and chandeliers limits dust and dirt build-up.

These might affect the operation of your security devices leading to issues like false alarms. Pull away the washer and fridge to clean the floor behind. Use a duster for cleaning appliance coils with a sweeping mop to deep clean your appliances.

There is usually a huge pile-up of dust at the bottom of appliances. Deep cleaning protects your appliances from potential fires resulting from short circuits.

Wrapping Up

Spring is usually a moment to deep clean your home from the winter build-up of dirt and dust. This year, include your home security on your spring cleaning checklist.

Ensure that all security equipment works appropriately and have working batteries. Additionally, eliminate clutter and dust the appliances to limit the chances of short circuits.

A security evaluation of your home by an expert will determine appropriate measures to reinforce your home security and deter burglars.

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