Cloud Based Phone System

What Makes Cloud-Based Phone Systems More Efficient?

Deciding on the correct phone system for your company is a make-or-break decision. When clients and potential business partners first contact you, this is where they will come to do it.

The impression they get at this crucial moment will help them decide if they want to use your company or not. If the answer is no, it is because your PBX system is not right for you.

Most new PBX systems installed nowadays are either virtual or cloud based. At the very least, they tend to be hybrid technologies. The days of the traditional phoneline and operator are behind us. The future is digital, and it is forcing everything we do in business onto the cloud.

What Is Cloud-based Phone Systems For Companies?

A cloud-based telephone system, or cloud-based PBX, is sometimes just known as an online PBX. It is a telephone call service which operates through the internet.

Calls are placed through the cloud, bypassing the need for the traditional telephone line and copper wire landlines.

A telephone system for your company usually includes an answering service which provides callers with directions to connect to the department of choice.

It grants you the ability to re-direct calls and to create extensions. When you take a phone line service and put it online, it allows the company to do all of this at minimal cost. Internet calls are cheaper and often free, but that is not the only benefit.

What Makes The Cloud-based Telephone System More Efficient Than Others?

A cloud-based phone system places call over the internet without the hassle of on-site software installation. A traditional phone service would have a receptionist answer the call over a landline and press numbers on the device to re-direct. This allows for a greater margin of error.

Here are some of the other reasons that cloud-based telephone systems are better for companies.

It Is Cheaper

The Virtual PBX or Cloud-Based PBX systems are going to cost you less. Internet calls have less cost attached and can be free. There are no maintenance fees, no software upgrade that slows down business, and no unforeseen costs. There is no upfront investment.

It Is Reliable

If something happens to your bricks and mortar, you will still be able to work remotely using this system. As we learned during the Covid crisis, being able to work over the internet has many advantages.

It means you can conduct business even when you are not at the office, for example, just be careful to maintain that work-life balance.

There’s No Upheaval

When you are getting set up with the system, there is no closing the doors for a day and sending the employee’s home. It is a software download and a few tick boxes online.

You do not lose the money of the day’s trading and there is not much office upheaval. You might need to offer small training classes in how to use the new software, but that is about as much of a setup cost as you can expect.

It Performs Better

There should be no question over the performance of cloud-based tech by comparison to traditional systems. Virtual, hybrid, and cloud-based telephone systems all have the edge over those offline.

The internet improves communications by making information readily available. You have everything you need at the touch of a button, so it speeds everything up – including performance.

Should You Switch To Cloud-cased Telephone Systems?

If you are able to make the upgrade to online communications, we highly recommend that you do so. An act of God might wipe out your office, but it will take a lot more than that to stop the internet.

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