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4 Clue-Solving Tips For Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a great team-building exercise. How may you ask? First of all, you’re doing it with a group of people. Therefore, you’re engaging in these activities with a group of people.

Secondly, it gets you in the real world, as compared to sitting in front of a screen. Escape rooms provide you with the opportunity to have a real-world adventure.

Lastly, they get your brain working and creates an engaging live-action experience. To maximize your experience with an escape room, here four clue solving tips to help you get out there quicker.

1. Code Types

Code Types

When you’re in an escape room, you will see a few basic codes. You will never be expected to memorize the coding scheme, but having an idea of what they look like will help you.

Anytime you see dots and dashes, you should be thinking morse code.

Typically, it’s written, but sometimes it can be lights that are flashing long and short or long and short sounds.

Next, you may see a pigpen cipher, which is often disguised as hieroglyphics. Then, anytime you see dots in a group of six, you know you’re looking at a brail key.

Each letter in brail is a combination of six dots. Finally, the only time you might not get a decoder key is if you have a set of numbers ranging from 1 to 26. In that case, you match them up with the corresponding letter in the alphabet.

2. Written Clues

There are four common written clues that you might find inside of an escape room. The first is a set of bold words that are included in a paragraph. Next, you may notice a series of words are missing a letter.

Thirdly, look at all the capitalized words. Lastly, look at the first word on the left side of every line. All of these clues can help you break the written code and allow you to move onto your next clue or puzzle.

3. Look For Patterns

While you’re in the escape room, you may notice that there are three shapes on the wall. So, if you need a three-digit code, it could be that each number of that code is the number of sides that each shape has.

Another tip is if you see a set of colored coated shapes somewhere, all you would have to do is count the amount of each colored shape and then enter them in order.

Lastly, you might see digital numerical numbers that are blacked out in some parts, with the remaining lit up parts indicating what that number is.

4. Your Guide Is Your Friend

Detoxes And Cleanses

Listen carefully to when they are giving their instructions at the beginning. A lot of times, they will provide you with subtle hints about issues that trip a lot of people up.

You can also ask them high-level questions such as if they have one lock, one use policy. Even if you don’t want hints, you can use them to prompt you if you’re behind where most people where would be at a certain point.

In Summary

You’re doing an escape room to have fun. Therefore, it’s better to take a hint and feel the excitement of escaping the room rather than getting stuck on a frustrating task or clue for an extended period.

Lastly, fewer people are always better. Statistically, you will have a higher escape rate because you don’t have to deal with the issues of poor communication among a large group of people.

There will be numerous things you will have to find in the room, so the fewer people you have, the more fun stuff everyone gets to do. After this you will have the skills to take on one of the best escape rooms at LockBusters.

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