CocoFax Review Get A Free Fax Number

CocoFax Review: Get A Free Fax Number

Faxing comes with some misconceptions and one of them is that faxing is an old method and hence, is no longer used. However, only the true fax lovers like you people and us know that such misconceptions are baseless and this guide will explain it all.

The fact that the method of faxing was originated in the ending years of the previous century makes many people think that faxing belongs to the past. However, there are many other facts that these people are not aware of.

Like the fact that the security advantage of faxing is superior to that of much other communication media. And that is the reason that fax never died, it was used a lot in the past and it is still in use today.

But with time, faxing has also undergone some changes. Don’t worry, the security pros areas it is. The only thing changed is the way through which faxing was done.

And this change was necessary as the old requirements like large fax machines, paper, ink, and toner, etc. can no longer be used in this advanced era. These impractical requirements are nothing but just a hindrance to faxing.

Hence, to replace these things with more proper and convenient ones, new methods were required. With the advanced methods, you can now deliver faxes even through your computer, tablet, and mobile phone over the internet. Fax machines are long gone.

No faxing is possible even without bulky and expensive fax machines. However, this was not easy as it required the use of intermediary online fax service.

CocoFax – Get Your Free Fax Number Within Minutes

Leading the faxing market is CocoFax, the world’s number one online fax service that makes machine-less faxing possible and provides free fax numbers.

You can utilize the free fax number bought by CocoFax to deliver as well as get faxes. This exclusive feature is what makes CocoFax stand out from the rest of the fax services in the market.

CocoFax has unique and wonderful features that work effectively to let you fax your important official documents and also receive documents through fax.

This makes CocoFax the most loved and adored fax service all over the world. No wonder, it has a user base of millions of people belonging to different regions of the world.

These users include professionals, freelancers as well as big organizations that use faxing as their means to transfer official documents.

This immense success is due to the quality features provided by CocoFax. indeed, it has also been recommended as the top online fax service provider by some top media companies.

For more CocoFax info, you can check here. Many big news outlets like Forbes, TechRadar, Toms Guide, PCMag, and the New York Times have positively reviewed CocoFax and praised it well.

Free Fax Number

If you have used faxing before then you might know that the utmost necessity in faxing is the fax number. Fax number is necessary for faxing just like a phone number is necessary for making a phone call. Without a fax number, you can neither send nor receive any faxes.

Now that we know the importance of a fax number, let’s get towards the process of getting one for yourself.

Without CocoFax, getting a fax number is nothing but a hassle. You need to get in touch with your telephone operator first. Then you will have to wait days before getting one.

But things are different with CocoFax. Neither of the above things needs to be done. You get a fax number without any hassle or trouble. Moreover, this fax number is free of cost and will not cost anything. You can get this free fax number when you sign up using the 30-day free trial.

Custom Fax Number

In the early days, you did not had the choice of making your own fax number. You were provided with a fax number by the telephone operator. And this fax number was far away from being matched with your company’s codes. If you wanted a fax number matching your company codes, then it remained just a dream.

But with CocoFax, its no longer a dream. You can make your own fax number that suits your requirements and is also an easy one to remember. This way, CocoFax has taken care of its customers’ ease well.

Get Started With CocoFax Withing A Few Minutes

CocoFax is anything but difficult to use and understand. It can be set up within minutes. The process is really easy and doesn’t take much time. Once you know about it, it all will just be a child’s play for you. So let us get started with the simple steps.

Step 1: To begin with faxing through CocoFax, you first need to sign-up with it. if you don’t have an account with CocoFax, you won’t be able to fax through it. You can register through the 30-day free trial, the button is on the top of the official site.
CocoFax 1

Step 2: When you click on the 30-day free trial, you will also be asked to choose a free fax number for yourself. You can pick one from the lot many fax numbers provided by CocoFax.
CocoFax 2

Step 3: When the sign-up process is complete and you’ve chosen a suitable fax number for yourself, you will be taken to your dashboard. The dashboard is the place where you will be sending and receiving all your faxes. Click on the ‘New Fax’ button on the top corner, a new composing window will pop open.

CocoFax 3

In this new window, you will have to fill in all the fields with the appropriate info. First, in the ‘To’ field, you will have to provide the fax address of the place where the fax will go. Fax address is actually the fax number combined with ‘’.

The subject field can have the top note that will appear when the fax arrive at its destination. The cover page will have the content of the introductory page of the document you wish to fax.

Lastly, attach the fax document and send the fax. You will receive a notification in your dashboard informing you about the delivery status of your mail.


CocoFax is the only service that allows you to send and receive faxes with ease and convenience. Hence, if you were looking for an easy way to fax, you just found the perfect one. If you are looking for a safer approach for team collaboration during the COVID-19, CocoFax is here to get you secured as well.

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