4 Common Ways People Are Cheating in Online Poker

Poker is a popular game by many people across the globe. The Chinese invented the game in the 10th century. There are claims that the game was a descendant of the Persian card game, as Nas traced back to the 16th century. Poland holds some of the world’s best poker players, such as Dzmitry Urbanovich, who has amassed over $1million during poker tournaments.

The gambling world remembers Sebastian Malec from Poland, who participated in €5,000 EPT Main Event and won €1.123 million in Barcelona. The game is worth playing and calls for maximum attention. However, our expert Jacek Michalski (view author) highlights the four ways people are cheating in online poker.


The problem has existed for decades and is experienced in both online and traditional casinos. Collusion is deemed as the cooperative play among two or more poker players at the poker table. The mode of cheating at poker is prevalent where two players plan to spear one another. In most cases, they submit the value of their hole cards or cooperate to win money from an opponent.

However, players caught cheating are disqualified from the game. Collusion consumes a lot of time in planning and can be challenging for multiple tables to collude profits simultaneously. It makes sense at the higher limits where a minimal edge leads to a significant financial benefit. Online players manage to share their cards and moves through telephone, cell phone, skype, or messenger programs.

Poker Bots

Poker bots are defined as computer programs that play poker. For those not familiar with the game, poker is a skill game where gamblers make mathematical decisions to win. With Poker bots, players do not have to drain their energy as they make perfect decisions all the time.

It is one of the popular ways on how to cheat in online poker and win without a challenge. It is complicated to tell whether a player uses a poker bot, making it a bigger problem in most online casinos. Some bots are advanced and simulate human actions.

Nevertheless, there are poker players who can tell if a bot is in the game based on the playing experience. They raise the alarm after noticing a particular player who plays for a limited duration without breaks. In addition, some tell after viewing a specific person who plays too many tables simultaneously or has a perfect hand every time. Poker bots have the edge since they don’t play using emotions. Gamblers develop a desire for revenge, erupting emotions and giving the bot a chance. Polish players can avoid competing with bots by playing on reputable sites that have been reviewed by experts on polskie kasyna online 2021.


It is another method used in poker cheating. The problem is also experienced in both physical and online poker. Ghosting involves advising one player to another player during the game. It happens when a friend sits next to a player during a tournament. Online poker players use the mode through the help of free tools, including Skype and Teamviewer.

With Skype, gamblers can transmit real-time pictures of a screen displaying the table with a hole of cards to another screen where their coach is sitting. A player gets the advantage of discussing difficult situations with his ghost coach before making a decision. During a game, the live coach reduces the risk of a tilt. In the late phase of online tournaments, ghosting is used to win high prize money.

Viewing Hole Cards

When players see their opponents’ hole cards, they can avoid losing any hand in the game. After viewing, they can tell when to fold, raise, or go, giving them a higher chance of winning. When playing online, the dealer shows a player the hole of cards while those of other gamblers are in a poker server that is challenging to access.

This is done to make the game fair and offer an equal chance of winning for every player. In 2007, an employee used his possession to access the poker server of a gambling platform and saw the hole of cards of all players. Later, he was caught and charged, proving that players can be cheated if the viewing of hole cards is successful.
Online poker is very engaging, and one can play in the comfort of the house. However, players can be cheated and end up losing as things happen quickly at online sites.

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