Advertising Constructions From Steel

Advertising Constructions From Steel

It is impossible today to imagine effective work in the business sector without using advertising tools. Advertising is the only effective way that can attract the attention of potential customers and partners in a short time.

Modern technologies for the production of outdoor and indoor advertising open up enormous opportunities for beginners and experienced businessmen, but at the same time, they confuse them, as the choice is quite diverse and it becomes difficult to make the right decision.

Advantages Of Metal Advertising Constructions

Advantages Of Metal Advertising Constructions

The production of advertising metal constructions is constantly expanding. And this is due to modern requirements for advertising. Among the most popular advertising metal constructions, one can distinguish billboards, roof installations, and signboards.

The manufacture of such products consists of the development and production of frames from the cold or hot rolled steel, on which a fabric cloth, plexiglass, and other materials with a printed text or graphic image are fixed. The high popularity of advertising metal constructions and the constantly growing demand for them can be explained by the following positive properties:

  • Long-term use. Advertising can be installed on plastic, wooden or metal constructions. But metal ones have an almost unlimited service life.
  • Universality. Advertising metal constructions can have sizes from several tens of centimeters to several meters. There are options for mobile or stationary billboards.
  • High rates of physical strength. The use of durable profiled steel during the manufacture of promotional metal constructions allows them to withstand not only constant but also variable loads, including hurricane gusts of wind. By this indicator, advertising metal constructions surpass all analogs. To protect against corrosion processes, surfaces are coated with modern powder paints.
  • Great designer look. It is possible to choose various forms, and the color of the advertising metal constructions is selected taking into account the content.

Popular Types Of Metal Advertising Construction

Recently, all manufactured metal constructions have been in great demand, but despite this, even in this case, those that are of the greatest interest can be distinguished.

  • Billboards. This type is the most common one. Such ad constructions allow you to display both static and dynamic advertising. Production technology allows the production of large billboards and low stands.
  • Mobile constructions (banners).
  • Firewalls.
  • Roof installations (volumetric and flat).

The design of metal advertising constructions consists of a support element made of metal and a supporting frame, to which the advertising products (canvas) are fixed directly. To achieve the maximum effect, entrepreneurs prefer to order an advertising design with a built-in backlight, making it more effective in the dark.

Production Of Advertising Metal Constructions

The production of advertising metal constructions begins with the manufacture of billets from the design range of steel products. Elements are checked for compliance with linear dimensions and put on the welding line.

Welding technology meets the grade of steel and its thickness. During manufacture, the quality of the welds is constantly monitored; the strength of the joints should be at least 85% of the strength of the base metal.

The final stage is the protection of surfaces from corrosion. The painting technology includes the cleaning of mechanical impurities, industrial oil, and rust.

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