The Coronavirus & Our Immune System: Everything We Know So Far

Who would have thought that the coronavirus would still be hanging around after six months? Everyone is trying their best to boost their immune systems and keep safe. Whether it means wrapping a couple of warm ponchos around you or sticking up on supplements, everyone is finding their own way to cope.

But what actually is going to keep us safe from a pandemic that no one can seem to get a handle on?

Immune System Facts

In general, the immune system has countless ways to fend off viral invaders and keep them from returning. The immune system chooses for the B cells that produce antibodies capable of binding to the virus. It also hides away a store of long-lived memory B cells that produce those antibodies and that jump into action if the virus comes back.

Another option of defense is to enlist T cells, which helps the body to seek out and destroying infected cells. Many of us are hoping that there will soon be a vaccine to help in the aid of the worldwide pandemic. But long-term immunity can often vary by the type and degree of response.

Most vaccine developers hope to come up with the golden ticket, which is also known as sterilizing immunity. Sterilizing immunity is a response that can quickly prevent a returning virus from taking over the body. While we are still waiting for a vaccine it is important to think about taking a multi-vitamin to keep your body as healthy as possible.

Dr. Danielle is a great option as her company offers physician-quality supplements that are used by Naturopathic doctors.

Why Are Some Sicker Than Others?

Some people are getting really sick from Covid-19 while others are not, and no one is really understanding why. A study done at the Stanford University School of Medicine has found immune deviations that show the differences between mild and severe cases.

According to the study, the difference may stem from how our ancient immune system and how it responds to SARS and Cov-2. The innate immune system which is found in all creatures quickly senses a pending virus and as soon as it does it launches an attack on it. But at times the attack can be indiscriminate.

Basically, the study shows that the immune system can go amiss when it is infected with the coronavirus. It has also been shown the elderly people and men are more likely to die from the virus than women because they have delayed immune systems.

Studies have found that it took men’s immune systems three days to work after being infected while women’s kicked in much quicker. Sadly, men’s delayed immune-system responses to the coronavirus could put them at a much higher risk of dying from COVID-19 than women.

Tip On How To Stay Healthy

The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay home and away from people or crowds. While everyone is complaining that they are missing out on life the idea of staying home is meant to make the pandemic not last as long. If you are having anxiety issues, try to take a couple of deep breaths and stretch.

Mediating is a great way to keep your mind in a good place. Even before the pandemic, you should always have been trying to eat healthy, well-balanced meals. Regular exercise is a must. Though we shouldn’t be going to gyms anymore you can do plenty of at-home exercises with the help of some fitness apps.

Even a daily walk will suffice. Lastly, and this should go without saying, avoid alcohol and drugs. While there’s still a lot of uncertainty, hopefully, this helps you understand the pandemic a bit more and realize what you can do to stay healthier.

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