Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons For Your Favorite Blazers

As far as closures are concerned, buttons don’t go out of style at all. These small items don’t only serve a crucial purpose as they also add a touch of flair to any garment or article of clothing.

As far as shopping for the right button, a lot of people are often left confused due to the endless options yet there are certain styles that can work better for specific needs.

Before you place your order for’s custom blazer buttons, there are a few things you have to know.

Size Of The Button

The very first step when you shop for buttons is to identify the exact size you will need. When you choose a replacement, you might want to try going for the same height and depth.

In general, the buttonhole must be 1/8” larger than the button’s widest part unless you have a domed button.

If the initial button was 15mm and flat, a domed button of 15mm might be too large for a similar buttonhole. The standard sizes for suit jacket or blazer buttons are typically between 23 to 25mm.

Button Backing

Another factor to determine the type of button you need is the attachment method. Every button style has a different use.First are the classic four and two hole buttons.

Four hole buttons are ideal pieces that require secure hold such as coats. You will usually see the classic peacoats that have four hole style buttons.

Buttons of two hole styles allow more flexibility. These can be seen on classic oxfords and button down shirts.
The shank styles can be attached with a single loop at the back.

Since they just attach with a single hole, they don’t provide the same level of stability as four and two hole buttons. This is a style usually found on light blouses or pieces that require decorative embellishments.

Another famous choice is tunnel shank that features just a single hole. On tunnel shank, the button’s shank is hidden that lets the button lay much closer to the fabric.

Button Materials And Style

Material is another critical factor when shopping for buttons. For example, blazers look amazing with the classic gold shank button while billowy blouses look much better with the delicate shell buttons.

  • Acrylic – These are basic buttons perfect for outerwear and pieces exposed to elements. These are standard on jackets and coats.
  • Beaded – These are fantastic options for glamorous attire.
  • Braided – These make garments look more interesting thanks to their unique braided appearance.
  • Novelty – These are buttons that come in funky and fun options. They often have playful designs.
  • Leather – These are famous choices for home décor and jackets.
  • Shell – Mother of pearl and shell buttons are classic choices with remarkable shine and glassy texture.
  • Rhinestone – These are buttons perfect for bridal and evening wear as they add a touch of sparkle to garments.
  • Wood – These buttons are popular options for rustic looking styles.
  • Toggles – These often come in plastic and wood choices.

With custom buttons for your favorite blazers, you can be sure that your outfit will surely fit your aesthetics.

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