Cyber Security

Cyber Security: Why Employee Training Should Be Your First Line Of Defense

The biggest threat to the business sector is cyber security and all of the risks it brings. When people don’t take security seriously, it hits them hard and fast. Employee training is one of the many things you can prioritise to curb cyber security issues.

Personal Threats

Most security threats start on personal devices. Managed IT services Sydney has dealt with both personal and professional cyber security threats.

Employees that know how to deal with home threats are less likely to bring them into the workplace. They will also be better trained to deal with professional cyber threats as they appear during work hours.

A big misunderstanding about security risks is that they are always the fault of the user. This leads to a mentality where workers feel they have to hide the presence of a threat to save their jobs. Better training will help ease this roadblock so that employees can alert the appropriate department without delay.

Professional Threats

Professional threats appear on two different levels, and normally interact with one another. Simply spotting these threats isn’t enough to deal with the problems they create. To deal with this level of cyber security, multiple smart minds are better than one.

The first level of a professional threat comes from outside of the office. This is usually caused by unauthorised devices being used in a company’s zone. This is the easiest professional threat to beat since it comes down to employee accountability.

Educate your workforce by reinforcing the importance of following the restricted guideline policy. Without workers bringing in compromised devices, you’ve already eliminated half of professional cyber security threats.

The other professional threat happens within the office, and is a bit more malicious. Digital threats use familiarity to ease their way into your networks.

That includes fake emails, text messages and phone calls. There is even a chance to come across completely fabricated websites with login portals that have a 1:1 design implementation.

Professional cyber threats on this level are ingenious since they provoke information to be given willingly by the worker.

Trained employees will double check a sites certificate while also noticing strange headers and unfamiliar emails. In short, stopping this type of digital threat in the workplace will always come down to an employee’s level of training.

A Very Human Problem

No matter how sophisticated cyber threats get, they still rely on the mistakes of a normal person. Training gets rid of the human mistake element that has allowed cyber crimes to persist. Guarding your company against cyber warfare is impossible without properly trained employees.

Having everyone in sync with this information takes time. Even with a beginning level of cyber security understanding, your company will already be in better hands.

Pay Attention To The Clues

Don’t get blindsided by cyber warfare. Keep your head in the game, and the worst security issues will never take your company by surprise. When you have a staff trained in the essentials, criminals will move on to an easier target.

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