Different Acne Types – Explained In Detail

Do you suffer from the problem of acne? If you are in your teen years, then the answer is pretty obvious, you must be suffering from acne.

First things first, acne is a normal problem that has various solutions. So, to cure acne we need to be aware of what kind of acne we are going through. To help you out we have listed the kinds of acne types in this article.

How Many Types Of Acne Are There?

In case you are wondering how many types of acne are there, then do not wonder now because we’ve got you covered. Basically, there are seven most common acne types. They are as follows:

1. Whiteheads

Whiteheads are one of the most common kinds of acne, also known as comedonal acne. This is the most general type of acne that happens to people as small to medium-sized bumps of white or skin color.

What most of us do when we see whiteheads is, we pop them because it’s quite tempting. But popping them isn’t a great idea and we would never recommend it.

2. Blackheads

Similar to whiteheads are blackheads, they are clogged pores of the skin. The difference between whiteheads and blackheads is that whiteheads cover the bump whereas blackheads are open to the air, as a result, they turn dark.

Blackheads are formed by your oil and skin. So, it is advised to keep your face clean from the blackheads by cleaning the pores monthly.

3. Papules

Papules are another kind of acne and they are of many types. Acne papules are the small and tiny red bumps on the face which are less than 5mm in diameter.

When dead skin cells and excess oil clogs a pore, papules happen, and comedone forms. In case someone breaks into the skin, the infection happens.

4. Pustules

The other kind of acne on our list is Pustules. They are called classic pimples and they are the bigger form of papules. Actually, when the Papules get infected Pustules are formed.

If Papules don’t get treated at the right time, then they turn into Pustules in just a few days. Moreover, Pustules can be formed anywhere on the whole body, but generally, they are found on the face, back and chest.

5. Nodules

After Papules, Pustules comes Nodules. They are somewhat similar to the Papules, but they begin deeper in the skin. Generally, they look like a small bump formed under your skin. Moreover, the color of Nodules can be skin or red. They are most painful to touch and are hard.

To get rid of the pain and to get some relief, you can apply a cold compress, it is quite effective. Just wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and apply it for about 10minutes on the Nodules.

Most importantly, remember to not pop those Nodules in any condition. Because doing so might increase the infection.

6. Cysts

Cysts are the other kind of severe acne. Basically, they look like large and red boils. Unlike nodules, they have pus inside them, which means they are soft. But just like nodules, cysts are also painful.

Cysts require proper treatment, you need to visit and consult a dermatologist for the same. Moreover, the most common treatments for cysts are oral antibiotics, retinoids and some other.

What’s scary about cysts is that they leave a scar on the skin. That’s the only reason we recommend leaving them alone without popping them up. Because when you’ll pop up, there are chances that your skin might get scars and it might get more infectious.

People think that cysts are formed by poor hygiene but this is not so! Contrary to that, following a skincare routine can help to treat them.

7. Milia

The last kind of acne is Milia, they are not classified as acne and are often confused as blackheads and whiteheads. Generally, they are so tiny and light bumps on the skin that make a group around the cheeks, nose, and eye area.

The main reason for this type of acne is keratin. When too much keratin gets trapped under the skin, it causes small and hard bumps on your skin. Most commonly, babies suffer from milia. But milia is not partial, it can happen to any person.


So, here is the end and we hope you are now aware of the acne types. To conclude, we would say that acne is a common problem that has a lot of treatments. So don’t panic, just get them treated.

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