5 Uses For Digital Signage In Hotels

Since most hotel guests tend to spend a few days only, they are usually in need of information. So, one of the best ways hotels have to display all the information their guests need is by using digital signage.

While it is not unusual to see monitors and LCDs spread all over the hotel, the truth is that digital signage is a new approach. After all, guests aren’t only restricted to the passive signage they tend to overlook.

Just think of the cinema digital signage imported to hotels and how guests can see a wide range of information no matter if they are in the lobby, room, or anywhere in the hotel.

But how can a hotel use digital signage for multiplexes? How can they incorporate such systems and where?

1. As Welcome Information:

No matter if a hotel has a large or small balcony to welcome guests, a lot or a few employers, the truth is that there are peak periods.

We can certainly state that this isn’t the best way to deliver the best experience. So, if the hotel can have all the welcome information available displayed on the screen, this will be a lot easier for guests.

On this screen, hotels can display a wide range of information. From restaurant opening hours to check-in waiting hours, offers, or even local travel updates.

One of the main advantages is that you can keep updating the information and guests will access it in real time.

The DWall.Online is a great digital signage software that allows you to add all the information you want in an easy and fast way.

2. Automated Check-In

For many people, one of the worst things that can happen when they arrive at the hotel for the first time is to wait for the check-in.

While we all know that this is a required step, some people are often in a hurry or they simply don’t like to wait. So, allowing them to do an automated check-in may be one great advantage.

The reality is that there is always the need to have someone doing the check-ins in person since some guests prefer it this way.

But for many people, using an interactive system is a much better option. Besides, if you notice no one is using it, you can then add some advertising or useful information for your guests.

3. A Concierge Service Just For You

The main benefit of having a concierge service is to get all the information you need at that moment. However, up until now, this type of service relies on people only.

However, if you decide to implement the digital signage service in your hotel, you can deliver an even better service and experience to all your guests.

While human interaction is always a good thing, guests will never have to wait for the person in charge since they can see everything they need directly on the screen.

4. Make Use Of Digital Signage For Multiplexes

In case you usually go to the cinema, you probably already saw one with several separate screens. Well, you can now use this type of display in hotels as well as an advertising display.

The truth is that most hotels have multiple partners. So, you can use digital signage to advertise special offers and even different services that you have and that your guests may want to take advantage of.

Between locals tours to restaurants, bars, coffee shops, tourist attractions are just some of the businesses you may want to promote. This is a great opportunity for both the hotel and other businesses since they can split the profits.

5. In-Room Services

When you turn on the TV when you arrive at your guest room, you don’t expect to see any welcoming message or anything. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t or shouldn’t be there.

Ultimately, hotels need to do their best to provide the best experience to their guests. So, one of the things that hotels can do is to simply add a personalized message to each television.

But more than just a message, with a good digital signage software, you can easily add other types of information as well to your guests. From advertising your services and informing them about the restaurant open hours are just two examples.

Bottom Line

Digital signage is not the future anymore; it’s the present. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more guests will be more than willing to use these interactive screens to get the information they need and do their check-ins.

This will not only improve their experience as hotels can devote more time to other details that are also important. Ultimately, your guests will benefit from a good digital signage platform which means that hotels’ revenues will also increase.

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