How To Use Electrical Spade Connectors For Circuit Protection In Your Car

How To Use Electrical Spade Connectors For Circuit Protection In Your Car

The electrical spade connector and terminal are widely used in cars. They are quite popular because of the simplicity of their connection and removal. Imagine the number of wires that are necessary to interconnect the multiple components of the electrical system of your car. If connectors were not used, servicing your vehicle would be nearly impossible.

Automotive connectors are built to meet stringent security and performance standards. Therefore, if you need some wire connectors or terminals for your car, you should buy them from This is a specialized shop that distributes a great variety of connectors for your auto. Moreover, all their products are of top quality.

When you need to replace a connector or a terminal, you should never compromise. Multi wire connectors must be waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and quite sturdy. This is necessary to avoid any electrical failure during the operation of your vehicle.

In rainy weather, you do not want the water to enter a wire connector. This could cause a short circuit and damage several electrical components. Likewise, the connectors and terminals should never get corroded.

Rust reduces the conductivity of metals thereby causing faulty contact between terminals. Similarly, connectors must be robust to keep the terminals from getting loose. For instance, in rough terrain, a fragile connector may be the source of an electrical failure.

This is why you should purchase high-quality electrical multi connectors and terminals from a reliable shop like

What Are Spade Connectors Used For?

Spade connectors and terminals are commonly used to connect circuit protection devices such as fuses and diodes. These devices protect the electronic circuitry of your car from different electrical hazards.

It is not uncommon that a fuse blows because of electrostatic discharge, for example. Hence, having a spade terminal at the end of the cable allows you to plug a new fuse in no time. Spade terminals are also used to connect a wire tap.

However, if you replace fuses constantly, the terminal can be damaged. In such a case, you must replace the spade terminal. But do not worry. You can find all the necessary materials for the repair at Below we tell you how to attach a new spade terminal.

Attaching A Spade Terminal

To attach a spade terminal (or any other pin) to a cable, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Remove the faulty terminal;
  • Pass the cable through a piece of heat shrink tubing;
  • Attach the terminal using wire crimping tools (which can be bought at;
  • Cover the connection with the tubing;
  • Apply heat to the tubing to isolate and seal the connection.

In multi spade connectors, there may be a seal (a rubber ring) for each cable. Take care to pass the cable through this ring before you attach the new terminal so the connector can remain sealed. If you have any questions about the materials, contact the shop for inquiries.

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