Summer Vacation

5 Essentials For Summer Vacation

Summer is in full swing and since this season is all about vacations on the beach or next to the outdoor pool, here are some of the must-haves you simply cannot leave the house without.

Of course, you will find out some helpful tips and tricks on how to pack smarter and lighter so you will not have to carry your whole closet with you.

Above all, preparations for a relaxing trip do not have to be completely overwhelming; all it takes is a bit of planning and some effort.

The key to figuring out what to pack is going over all the activities you plan on doing; are you going hiking? Will you be lounging all day on the beach? Grab a cooling drink and sit down because here are the top 5 essentials for the best summer vacation.

1. A Pair Of Stylish Sunglasses


Whether you are going to be out in the sun or not, a pair of sunglasses is something you should always have on hand when traveling. You can be out shopping or even sightseeing; it does not actually matter.

The reality is that the sun’s dangerous UV rays are always creeping about, so it is always an excellent idea to have some extra protection.

If you still do not have a nice pair of stylish sunglasses, then head to a nearby store and figure out what type of frame, lens or feature you are into.

Luckily, there are heaps of all kinds of designs on the market, so take your time and choose wisely. Of course, make sure to get a protective cover as well so the sunglasses will not get damaged when you carry it around in the suitcase.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen or a quality sunblock will be your next best friend if you are planning to spend the whole day out in the sun.

When it comes to the sun’s UV rays, we must not only wear sunglasses but also take good care of our skin and make sure to protect it at all costs.

Sunblock will definitely come in handy, due to the fact that it creates a protective layer between the harsh UV rays emitted by the sun and the delicate skin.

Thankfully, sunblock comes in all kinds of levels, from 10spf to even 150. Hence, if you do not wish to suffer from a bad sunburn, then do not leave the sunscreen at home!

3. Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Nowadays, a lot of people smoke, so naturally, cigarettes will also be on the list of things you want to take with you. However, conventional cigarettes may take up a lot of precious space in your suitcase or bags.

Also, if you are planning to shop for them when you reach your destination, it is likely that they will be extremely expensive. So, the best thing to do is to get your hands on some quality electronic cigarettes.

To avoid all of the hassles that come with traditional cigars, just pack your vape accessories and you are all good to go. Nevertheless, make sure to pack smartly and keep your e-cig’s liquids in a plastic bag so it does not leak on your clothes.

4. Phone Charger

Next, you will definitely want to take your phone with you when traveling. Whether it is sending a message to your loved ones back at home that you arrived safely or taking photos of the views, a phone is a must-have.

However, one thing you should definitely not leave the house without is a phone charger. To be completely sure that it is with you at all times, make it your priority and put it in the luggage before anything else goes in.

Bonus tip; do not purchase cheap, rip-offs of chargers due to the fact that they may cause serious harm to the electrical output and your phone.

5. Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes

Finally, be absolutely sure that the shoes you decide to take with you on your trip are comfortable.

Even though it might sound cliché, shoes which are brand new or which are uncomfortable will totally ruin your mood! If you are planning to go somewhere tropical and you know that you will spend a lot of time on the beach, then flip-flops are a must.

The perks of owning a cheap pair of flip flops are endless; they are extremely lightweight and comfortable which makes them perfect for all outdoor activities.

Also, they are great to have on hand when traveling by plane because you can just slip them on and off if you are not feeling like wearing any shoes.

A helpful tip for packing light is to only bring three pairs of shoes; one for walking (think of comfy sneakers), one for a fancy night out (heels or elegant shoes) and one fitting for your destination spot (flip flops if you are going to the beach or boots if you are going hiking).

In summary, every passionate traveler should have the following things on hand when packing a suitcase; sunglasses, sunscreen, cigarettes, a phone charger, and comfortable shoes.

Of course, there are other essentials which will make your trip a lot more enjoyable such as a fancy hat or a good book. Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy your trip to its fullest!

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