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Measuring The Number Of Calories That Must Be Burned To Get Slim Fast

Every time you are dieting, you should find out about the calories in this food. In fact, what are the calories and how do you count calories correctly?

The following is an explanation from Dr. Marcia Taylor.

Cutting calories from daily food intake has become a guide to the weight loss efforts that are popular today.

Some diet methods even suggest too extreme a reduction in calories, that is, limiting food portions like crazy.

Did you know that this method is not good for the health of your body? In fact, you can develop your own diet method that works best for you, calculate your own calorie needs, and know how much to cut per day.

What Do We Mean By Calories?

Calories are the energy in food. The human body has a constant need for energy which must be satisfied, both to carry out activities and to be able to execute the body’s organic systems.

Dietary calories are used to allow the body to function normally. Therefore, reducing calories to the extreme is not recommended as it disrupts the performance of the body’s systems.

Calories play an important role in weight loss because the principle is simple: weight control depends on the calories you eat and the calories you burn.

Consume too many calories of what you need each day, as well as minimal calorie burning due to lack of physical activity and exercise, which results in the accumulation of calories as fat in the body.

Therefore, your weight is actually a form of balance. If you want to lose weight, cut the calories you eat and burn the calories that have been buried as fat through physical activity and exercise.

You Do Not Know Where To Start?

Start by calculating your calorie needs each day. You can use our feature, Calorie Calculator. Calorie requirements depend on your age, gender and activity level.

In general, women between the ages of 19 and 30 with light activity need 2,000 calories. Men aged 19 to 30 with light activity need 2,200 calories.

Because 1 kilogram equals approximately 7,700 calories, you must then burn 7,700 calories to reduce the weight by 1 kilogram.

In general, if you reduce up to 300 calories a day, you will lose weight for about 25 days. Weight loss will be faster if the reduction in calories is greater and combined with exercise.

Here are some tips for reducing calories:-

  • Do not eat foods high in calories but poor in nutrients.
  • Replace high-calorie foods with other low-calorie options.
  • Reduction in food portions.

The lowest caloric value you can consume per day is 1000 to 1100 kcal, and it is not recommended to reduce the number of calories to exceed this limit.

The above calculation is approximate, as there are still many factors involved in weight loss.

However, the amount of calories is still an element that plays a role and can be considered as a starting point for your efforts.

Which Is Most Effective, Burn Fat Or Calories To Lose Weight?

Burning fat and calories has different results in weight loss.

In a research of Back Pain Chairs Lab, the calories from food and drink you eat will be used directly or stored as energy stores. Well, the stored calories will be converted to triglycerides and stored in the fat cells.

When you decide to exercise, your body will also get energy from the calories you just consumed and from the stored energy.

In other words, when you consume calories and do physical activity afterwards, not only is the energy you just ate wasted, but also the portion of energy stored as fat.

However, this will also be adjusted. For example, if you reduce your calorie intake and increase your physical activity, your body naturally needs more energy to burn.

So not only is energy wasted after meals, but also a lot of energy reserves from fat.

Conversely, if you stay with the same caloric intake and after exercise, fresh energy is consumed in large quantities, but not with less fat because too much energy has accumulated.

So when you burn fat while being balanced with a low calorie intake, the body will lose calories and fat.

But if you eat more calories than you burn, you will of course not lose weight or body fat.

Even if you exercise for a long time in the gym after consuming large amounts of calories, it will also be stored as triglycerides in the body.

Therefore, burning fat only provides a temporary solution to your weight loss problem. And if you want to lose body fat, the only solution is to have a calorie deficit.

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