7 Reasons Why You Should Go On An Expedition

7 Reasons Why You Should Go On An Expedition

Adventure makes a person go beyond the limits, take up risks, overcome fears, and gives the feeling of conquering in the war. Expeditions are perhaps the oldest form of adventure. The early man had to escape from predatory animals or move to newer places in search of food. Often, the ones who were brave to take the unexplored paths survived.

Early inventions like the wheel or rafts were primarily for faster moving. Then we had kingdoms eager for annexing and expanding to newer territories. Also, we had missionaries and monks who travelled to far off places either to impart their teachings or to learn more about life, spirituality, etc. Thus, travel to unknown places was part of human life.

Today, people travel and take vacations to break the rut of life. We experience new cuisines, culture, discover new ways of doing things, enjoy shopping, etc. But many of us feel more satisfied when we go on hiking trips, sea voyages, or meander through jungles. So, what makes us titillate towards the unknown or new paths and experiences? Let us explore the reasons below.

1. Makes You More Confident And Independent

In expeditions, one often has to walk or trek for multiple days. You will sleep in tents and cook whatever is available in the surroundings. You realize that you are lucky in life to have all the comforts at home. At the same time, you learn to live life with bare essentials. One has to make various decisions be it the choice of dresses or mode of transport.

Also, one has to talk to strangers, and if it is a different country, you might have to use signs to communicate. Many times, you may not be able to contact friends and relatives due to poor or no signals. Thus, these necessities help you grow self-confidence.

2. Discover Self

The place where we grow up and live has a lot of influence on our daily activities, such as the way we eat, dress, and even think. Also, our friends and family members help us in making choices. Travel to far off places gives us a chance to stay in a changed atmosphere. You discover your real likes and dislikes and learn to adjust.

For example, you might end up eating a snack or meal that you would have never tried in your native or dwelling place. One may not be judged for his/her choices and could have an independent thought process.

Also, people get to try new hobbies and sports, which often become a part of their daily life. Expeditions are often a great way to start your spiritual journey and explore the deeper meanings of life.

3. Go Off The Beaten Path

Many of us spend our vacations by visiting famous tourist places in the world. We get to know all info regarding our trip; we book the flights and hotel rooms, decide the order of visiting various tourist spots, prepare a shopping list, and note down the unique things about the destination.

Nowadays, we have virtual tours and videos that tell us how to look like a local in a new country, how to escape fraudsters and scams, etc. Thus there are not many elements of surprise. But as an explorer, you might prefer places where tourists do not throng.

It might be deep jungles with no human trails or inhabited by aboriginal people. Some prefer trekking and reach higher altitudes, whereas, for others, it is the openness of the ocean or the extreme weather and pristine beauty of the polar regions.

Such trips require courage, physical and mental fitness, patience, and positivity. For such an exploration style of travel, you could choose options from alpenglow expeditions. Their trips let you tread the unexplored paths yet ensure that you return home safely.

4. Become Responsible

Expeditions are expensive and dangerous too. You might need special gear like tents, torches, firelighters, food items, etc. Often one needs to decide the safety of water available and find eatables. You might have to swim or make rafts.

Protecting yourself from insect bites, extreme heat, or freezing winds has to be a priority. You have to make judicious use of the resources that you have, and at the same time, have to stay fit to complete the journey. Thus expeditions are a way to revive the survival instincts, learn self-care, and spruce up the personality.

5. Enhance Your Leadership Skills

When most of your travel is pre-planned, you might talk with hotel managers, tour guides, etc. But on an expedition, one has to interact with the local people and seek help from them. Also, you have to get acquainted with fellow explorers. These activities make you a people’s person, a quality that is a prerequisite for leaders.

Though the journey could be strenuous, it improves your emotional intelligence. You are more aware of your feelings and discover that sound mental health is necessary for challenging activities such as rock climbing, wading through marshes, etc.

You get used to working under pressure and are more risk-taking in nature. Also, there will be a change of plans due to various reasons like heavy rain, snowstorm, or an attack of insects, etc. Thus, expeditions enhance your agility and adaptability.

You develop greater trust among the people who travel with you and believe in their strengths. Therefore, you also learn about trust-building, which is essential for productivity and avoiding micromanagement.

6. Get Closer To Nature

The humdrum of city life, sprawling traffic, and choking pollution take a toll on our mental and physical wellbeing.

For many, travel is an escapade into the wilderness and the pristine places untouched by human greed. It brings them the much-required peace, has a soothing effect on our eyes, and you forget all the tensions of life.

On an expedition, you have to depend on the environment for food and water. You will observe how other animals live in harmony, and life continues without disturbing the delicate balance.

At the same time, we shouldn’t leave any non-decomposable litter while leaving. Our activities should not threaten wild animals or affect the life of local people.

7. Meet Like-Minded People

Often your friends and relatives may not be willing to do all that you wish to in an expedition. They may not prepare for the hiking trips and may not like the idea of a jungle safari.

But, when you set out alone or join a group, it is easy to find people with similar interests and aspirations. Some remain lifelong friends, and the lucky ones might get a life partner too.

Final Thoughts

Expeditions are for those who are willing to move out of their comfort zones and could sacrifice basic comforts like delicious food, warm showers, etc. But the pluses are many.

You become strong and confident. You find happiness in small milestones that you achieve and also appreciate the hidden beauty of nature. You can cherish the time spent for the entire lifetime.

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