The Greatest Proposal Ideas That Cannot Go Wrong

7 Greatest Proposal Ideas That Cannot Go Wrong

The best marriage proposals are known to take place in significant places for partners.

There are adventurists who will take their partners outdoors to make the big step, while others will pick a scenic location that will look to capture the romance in the most serene manner.

Every couple has a unique love story, and it makes a lot of sense to pick a scene that relates, or only adds to the hidden secrets and the mysteries of the love birds.

A proposal is a bold move that remains in the heart of your partner for the rest of their lives, therefore, make it as romantic as you can. Here are the greatest proposal ideas that will definitely take your relationship to the next level.

1. Do It In The Skies On A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Do It In The Skies On A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Think about this. It is a rare spectacle, a fulfilment of what the poets wrote ‘love is in the air’. If you are in a position to hire a private hot air balloon, please do.

There is no better way to make a marriage proposal than when you’re soaring high above in the skies with the love of your life. If it does not leave a permanent romantic memory, then nothing else will.

2. How Aabout Going To A Famous Location?

You might have seen lovers proposing at some of the most famous locations in movies, or even in real life.

It is all worth trying. It doesn’t have to be at the most iconic places in town, but identify a location that is well-known in town or in the outskirts.

There is always a landmark building, a historical site, or a location with a romantic backdrop befitting a memorable proposal.

3. A Hike To The Mountain Top?

Not all people are adventurous, but if the idea of hiking interests the both of you, you cannot go wrong with making that proposal right at the top of a mountain.

Don’t give any hints when planning for the hike to make it a big surprise. Combined with the adventures of the mountain, and the stunning sceneries, the surprise wins it for you.

4. Trust Flowers To Do It For You

Trust Flowers

The idea of flowers is timeless. People have used flowers on several occasions to propose, perhaps because flowers naturally tell a story of love.

You can use scattered petals or arrange blooms artistically to form a love sign, especially during a dinner date, only this time, make it standout.

The difference between your previous dates and the proposal dates should be made distinct courtesy of the flowers.

5. Make It Magical With The Help Of Friends

When you involve a group of your most trusted friends or family, it shows you mean business.

Secure a serene spot, somewhere at your backyard, or at a spacious parking and have your friends hold signs displaying your message.

Try to keep it as simple as possible, for nothing should overshadow the message being put across.

6. Create Your Own Trailer With Home Videos

Create Your Own Trailer With Home Videos

If you want to see her first real tears of joy, take this amazing road.

Carefully cut your own collection of some memorable home videos, and liaise with your local theater DJ to run it before a film you’re planning to take your partner to watch. What a way to announce your plans to the world?

7. For The Foodie, Your Chef Got You Covered

Chances are, your partner is a foodie, or at least, he/she has their favorite food.

A multi-course private dinner with an engagement ring for dessert is the best proposal you’ll ever come across. Just make it a different kind of dinner, but avoid giving away too much.

The perfect marriage proposal is one that lives an everlasting impression, not only to the couple, but also to your audience.

Put your ring in place, and compose yourself for, perhaps, your biggest question of your life. Do it the most romantic way, and you’ll never go wrong.

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